Categories of Friends

categories of friends

[Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Ayodele Oluwafunsho — the third installment in her friendship series. You can check out her last post, Why Do You Need Friends? and the first post, We Are Meant to Relate by following the links!]

Categories of Friends

In making friends, you will come across this set of people;

1) Those that came to use you: These people are not sincere, they don’t tell you the truth about who you are and they don’t say the truth about who they are. They will praise you in the morning, afternoon and at night, so that the praise can cover up their agenda. They will so much praise you that you will become blinded by their praise.

Their emphasis is always on physical things; As a lady watch people who will always say “baby, you are so sweet, I mean you are killing me” …….every day, you are killing me; because his target is to use you, so he keeps blowing you up and you end up being a victim. He will use your influence, use your name, your material possessions and he will use your body.

You can actually trap some people by taking note of what they say as they come in contact with you; because what a man

emphasis will determine the direction he is going. Mhenn you are the most beautiful” watch it, you are not the most beautiful, to tell you the truth; I can’t be the most beautiful, we are all just unique in our own ways.

Now listen to what you do to those that came to use you:

TERMINATE the friendship as quickly as possible, don’t let it go one more day, if not you may regret what will happen in the next few minutes.

I deliberately chose who my friends are, and I know how to kill relationships that are not worth it, I starve it to death.

Whatever you don’t feed dies naturally; no more calls, no more visitations, no text messages, no more bold smiles and just casual greetings. The friendship will die.

Some people don’t know how to break unholy friendships and relationships that are not worth it; they just go to the person and say “excuse me, I don’t want it again…I mean it and I mean it” and the person starts crying “sweetie, I mean honey, I can’t believe you could do this to me” and suddenly you discover you are losing your posture, then you say “no I don’t mean to hurt you” and the guy will say “ even if it means kneeling down” then you say “no, don’t kneel down, it hasn’t come to that” You are caught! He’s caught you again because, with that crocodile tears, he hasn’t changed his plan, he wants to use you and the risk is not worth it.

A brother got born again, and went with his dagger (the small bible that contains only the new testament is what I call dagger, you know it’s not FULL sword) to his girlfriend of three (3) years whom he’s been fornicating with and so he told the girl “I mean, I’ve given my life to Christ, you must be born again”

The lady cried and cried again to the extent that before bro could open eye and close, they were in bed again.

2) Those who came to get acquainted with you; I call them the Acquaintances..: they just want to know you, know the kind of person you are or just go around you. More or less casual.

Be careful with these set of people and send them away as soon as they get whatever it is they want to know. If they stay longer, they may pose a threat to your life.

3) Those who came to serve you: These are the people who came to release what they carry into you and also tap into what you have. These are the people who grow to the level of those who can die for you; The Bible says “A friend loves at all time and a brother is born for Adversary” They can give their lives for

yours, and they will never believe anything they hear about you until they see you. They will say “ I don’t care what you are saying or what you saw, I need to ask my friend about it.


Friendship Goals shouldn’t be taken for granted.

I will see you in my next post:


Oluwafunsho is a certified Relationship therapist. An author and a Christian writer. Married with kids.