How to Share the Gospel

how to share the gospel

[Guest Post by Gail Davis – Some of my favorite bloggers are from South Africa, so when I heard from Gail Davis I couldn’t wait to post her with you. If you struggle with sharing your faith to others, be encouraged today!]

Watching the world change, people are in fewer relationships.

They are isolated. This should not be the case for Christians. Jesus commands them (Christians) to make disciples, baptize them, and teach them to obey Him (Matthew 28:18-20).

Christians are supposed to be relational.
They are to talk with people.
Make disciples.
And teach them.

Believers often find this difficult because of the non-relational way the world exists. They are afraid to speak to strangers or tell them about Jesus. What keeps Christians from being relational and sharing the Gospel? Rejection.

Believers must remember, people will not be rejecting them, but, instead, Jesus. One of the best ways to overcome this fear is to take a course or two on witnessing. Put it into action.

The more times Christians share with others, the easier it will become.

Most importantly, believers must care for the person with whom they speak. When God saves people through Jesus, He puts His love through His Holy Spirit in them. This love is that upon which believers must call.

Put aside your limitations, selves, and prejudices and allow God to love people through you. People just want to know you care! People want to be listened to and to trust others. This is what we call relationship evangelism — God’s love for others shining through believers.

God wants a relationship with you.
He loves you.

Witnessing to someone is easier if the person is known to the Christian. Your effort to listen as the other person tells about them self will help him or her open up and trust you. Then you will see they are human, too; one who needs love and friendship. This will unlock the other person’s heart and allow them to trust you.

If you’re curious on how to share the Gospel — try the FIRE method!

Religious Experience

The application is not hard. It requires Christians to be human and take an interest in another person. It requires listening more than talking.

Get to know the person. Ask about their family. Do they have kids or grand kids? Who lives at home with them? From where do they come?

Find out what the person’s interests are. Do they like to read, play an instrument, play computer games, camp? Do they have something in common with you, the believer?

Ask about their religious background. Do they go to a church? Which faith system do they follow? What are the person’s thoughts on what happens after this life?

Once you have taken time to get to know the person, the other person will realize they can trust your care for them.

Tell the person about your own family, interests, and religious experiences. Upon listening to the other person, you will begin to recognize their needs. Tell them of your religious experience with Jesus, and relate how God can meet them, too.

Share that Jesus gives life abundantly because He loves them. Share how God and Jesus showed that love and how it changed your life. Tell the person how your life changed since you gave your life to Jesus. You will, eventually, reach a point where you ask if the other person would like to be in a relationship with Jesus, a relationship where Jesus gives life, meaning, and forgiveness of sins.

Jesus is there for us, and wants us to follow Him.

Tell the person how your life changed since you gave your life to Jesus. Ask if the other person wants to make a commitment to Jesus, to follow Him as his or her Lord and Savior. Lead him or her in a prayer of confession and acceptance of Jesus Christ as their Savior. Make sure to commit to help them grow in discipleship, to be more Christlike.

It is a relational way to speak to someone about Jesus, His love, and sacrifice.
Try it more than once.
Be intentional.

Go out once a week with the only agenda being to seek a person who needs to hear about Jesus and to hear someone cares for them. Go out and be in the public without needing to shop. You will be more open to seeing people in need and with whom God is leading you to speak. It is a relationship thing.

Question: What is stopping you from sharing the Gospel with others? 

Gail DavisI am Gail Davis and my husband is Ronnie Davis. We have been missionaries to Cape Town, South Africa for 14 years with the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. I work with refugees from other African nations by teaching them English using the Gospel of Mark. I have four children, two in college in the USA, our son, James, and our daughter, Sydney, and two still in primary and secondary school in Cape Town, Simeon (11th grade) and Samuel (7th grade). Connect with me on my blog.

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