I Survived My 20's – Death

(c) Vilchis Squared Photography

Looking back, I can’t believe I survived my 20s.

I should have died. In a lot of ways, I never thought I would have a life, fall in love, or find purpose through all of my sufferings.

Because of my skin.

Because of my anxiety.

Eczema stripped my face, feet, and hands of all their skin. It took collectively ten years for all of it to heal.

From the ages of 15-25, I was mostly homeschooled, housebound, and desperately lonely.

The truth is–we always believe the glamorous life is on the other side.

I thought if I could be anyone other than who I was–I would be happy.

And yet somehow God took all my tears and collected them in my journals.

I’ve said this before–but I thought the only career for me was to teach high school math. Because math was void of all emotion (I needed a break from my many emotions). Because math always gave me the right answer (I was tired of being so wrong about my life).

Every time I pursued math classes, I somehow thought I was one step closer to healing. When in fact I was disobeying God.

He wanted me to write from my heart. A book for all to read.

I cannot believe I have already written two books from those ten years with one more on the way.

The day I turned 30 I knew. I knew I had to put together a series on how to survive your 20s because I almost died. I am here to show that no matter WHAT you go through–it [life] is possible.

To experience God. To encounter victory.

Even when you’re suffering. Even when you’ve lost all hope.

This month, I hope you’ll take that journey with me. Let’s decide to finally come clean about our struggles. Don’t hold anything back. Believe it or not–God can handle your anger, your questions, and your doubt.

Mostly–He just loves you and wants you to know that!

It wasn’t until my 20’s that I knew God loved me. Really loved me.

And this. This is my prayer for you.