Pre Engagement Questions

I want to thank every single person who wrote down pre engagement questions for Marc and before getting married.

Thanks to my best friends, parents, and mentors for throwing me three separate Bridal Showers–I have notebooks full of encouragement, wise words, and tips.

Here are 35 of my favorite pre engagement questions suggestions below:

1. Don’t Think…Enjoy!

2. All you need to know you can read in the Song of Solomon.

3. Remember, variety is the spice of life. Make each “encounter” a new adventure!

4. Tell him what you want and how you like it. He will appreciate you (get excited about) you sharing dirty details with him 🙂

5. Tell him he is amazing.

6. Gatorade. It’s not just for athletes…Stay hydrated for all the sex!

7. Have fun. Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself and be enthusiastic.

8. Don’t fake anything. If you do you’ll be sorry.

9. Don’t hold back, and be adventurous.

10. Never let your hands be idle during sex. Never say no when he wants sex. Even if you don’t feel like it, you will once started!

11. Fight naked!

12. Keep God first.

13. Serve him with joy.

14. Have a weekly date night. Burger King will do.

15. Respect him always especially when he is not being or deserving. Love him on to Jesus.

16. Always pray together every evening as you go to bed. Pray together about everything. “A family that prays together stays together.”

17. Always remember to have a goal of meeting your partners needs first. You will be on the road to keeping your love alive for a lifetime!

18. Love, honor, and cherish each other, but above all grow in the Lord together.

19. Marriage is a beautiful representation of Christ and the church. In marriage it is more important to be holy than happy.

20. Remember that love conquers all and when things get tough remember that God has delivered Marc to you in perfect timing. Always hold on to the moments good and bad.

21. Be willing to listen and to change. Grow with each other and don’t nag!! It’s poison to a marriage!

22. Don’t take it personal if you or spouse aren’t ready for sex at the same time. It takes time to figure out expectations and when is best for both partners.

23. There are two important words to make things work…YES DEAR!

24. Whenever you think they should apologize, find the thing you can apologize for, and beat them to it!

25. The way you gazed at each other the day of your wedding…look like that all your life! To a lifelong honeymoon!

26. Don’t take anything for granted. Love is sweet and wonderful, but it is both something you have to choose and something you have to fight for.

27. Have godly friends. God will use them to strengthen you, encourage you, laugh with you, cry with you, and pray with you and for you.

28. Always assume the best intentions of each other–it will avoid a lot of fights. And keep it dirty (wink wink).

29. When you marry, you marry three people: the person they think they are, the person they actually are, and the person they become as a result of being married to you. Cultivate habits of thoughtfulness, attentiveness, kindness, respectfulness, and politeness so that you like the persons you turn one another into.

30. Always be true and faithful to yourself and each other.

31. There will be great and wonderful times in your marriage but there will be difficult and painful times. Always know God will be with you through it all.

32. You can’t always have your way. There must be giving in to each other. Keep Christ the center.

33. After being married for 56+ years, my advice–Don’t forget to say please and thank you for every time needed.

34. Jesus first, your spouse second.

35. God always brings unique people together for His special purpose in His wisdom.

What’s the best advice you’ve given? Hoped to receive?