Editorial: Why All Women Are Safe at Devotional Diva


Why All Women Are Safe at Devotional Diva

I am a Christian, and I believe God made and loves all humans, regardless of their current religion or lack thereof.

While I would never want to alienate any of Devotional Diva’s followers, at some point I think it becomes more of an issue to not speak out. I think we have reached that point.

I greatly respect everyone’s points of view, so please keep that in mind.

However, as a Christian with this platform, I feel the need to speak out.

Although Devotional Diva was founded as a Christian blog, please know that your faith doesn’t matter here. You are safe here. I would be a hypocrite to my own faith if I did not love everyone.

Earlier this year, I read a news story about Mohamed Ali’s son who was point blank asked: “Are you Muslim?” When flying.

I felt ill when I read the headline.

I get it. I get the fear. I lived in San Diego, just a couple hours away from San Bernadino when that attack happened. They closed down some of our government buildings. I watched it unfold on our local news. We stayed home the rest of the day because we didn’t know what was going to happen!

Then we moved to Europe. I have a two-year-old. We fly a lot. I get the fear. I do.

But I’m a Christian. I know it’s illegal and dangerous to be Christian some places. I’ve been to the Coliseum, where Christians were slaughtered. It was unsettling.

And I’m very aware of the atrocities the Christian church has committed in its name, too (i.e. The Inquisition). My church is not innocent.

I don’t get how any person of faith could try to control any other person of faith.

I don’t care if you are a Christian or a Muslim or an atheist; you’re a human being first. I mean, yes, I want you to be saved, of course. But you have to want to be saved.

I accepted Jesus in my heart because that’s what I believe, and if you don’t want to, that’s cool.

I love Jesus so much that I can imagine someone having as much faith in their religion too…like, why is that so hard for others to get and respect?

Since I became the Editor-in-Chief of Devotional Diva, I’ve consciously made decisions to post more lifestyle and travel content, evolving Devotional Diva into a place where everyone might have something to read.

Devotional Diva was founded as a Christian blog — Devotionals traditionally include a scripture with them and there’s a moral to the story. But there’s no real definition of what a “devotional” needs to be or is. I found an explanation I liked here, explaining that devotionals are meant to change your heart.

I hope that, if you are a woman of another faith, or not “religious” per say, that you feel safe at Devotional Diva. This is a safe place for all women to share their stories! All are welcome!

I saw a local church advertising their worship service with this motto:

It doesn’t matter

Who you are,

Where you’ve been,

What you’ve done, or,

What’s been done to you,

You are welcome here!

I loved it, and I felt it truly captured what I feel is a mission for Devotional Diva, too.

I hope that you enjoy the content and perhaps share your story someday.

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