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    Longing for Loneliness

    I thought I knew what loneliness was, and I avoided it at all costs. Before my husband died, there were many times I felt lonely and ran from it. I filled my schedule with errands, my days with household chores, and it seemed to help.

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    Trusting God: How I Met and Married the Love of My Life in Two Months (and what happened after)

    My name is Tara and I’ve been saved for twenty-four years. I just got married to my best friend last year, May 2016. I grew up in Charleston, SC but am now residing in Johnson City, TN. I have two cats, a love for books, and a passion for following Jesus and writing. The past year and a half have been some of the most challenging times of my life. It began with a whirlwind romance to my now-husband, Justin. We met online at Christian Mingle. We texted for about a week and then decided to meet in person. We dated for a month and a half. During this time,…

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    God Cares For Me In Every Season

    Nothing that happens in your life is impossible for Him to handle (Luke 1: 37). He will do the impossible for you in each of these seasons. He is the God that can convert your pain to gain and cause all things to work together for your good (Romans 8: 28). I had to learn that lesson, and you may need to learn it too. Perhaps, you will discover—like I did—the God who waits to help you in your seasons of singleness, marriage, or divorce.

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    My Modesty Story

      [Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Hannah Anderson. Today Hannah is sharing her personal modesty story — and I commend her for that. Everyone has different modesty standards today; let’s face it, there’s no cut and dry rules. Hannah felt led to share and I love the lesson in her story! Thank you Hannah for being brave!] A twenty-something Christian woman who always always held herself up to Christian standards of purity and modesty (sort of, more on that later) and wore her father’s purity ring he gave her a decade prior with pride. This woman always liked to talk about how above the world and the…

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    No Fairy Tale Marriages

    [This is a guest post by Melody Quinn. As a fellow Disney lover, I’m completely on the same page as Melody. Honestly though, even if I didn’t love Disney, I think I’d agree with this marriage advice! Thanks again, Melody, Bravo!] No Fairy Tale Marriages My childhood was filled with Disney movies and fairy tales. I read and re-read books full of original and modern fairy tales. I re-watched every Disney movie a hundred times, and still watch them to the annoyance of my husband. I used to attend dances and banquets with my imaginary prince. My childhood room was plastered with Disney posters. My own choice, my mother likes…

  • Lovers Loving Others
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    Lovers Loving Others

    Dustin and Jennifer – Lovers Loving Others [Editor’s Note: This is a guest blog AND video blog by Jennifer Lee (the video is also by her new fiance, Dustin). Jennifer contacted me to show me her proposal video and it was so cute, I did die a little. Dustin did a really great job! Jennifer is sharing their beautiful courtship story below!]    Dustin and I went on our first date on September 24th, 2014. We had met in the mission field several months prior and we decided to take a step forward to get to know each other. He took me to a secluded beach in Malibu where we shared…

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    Marriage Honesty

    Marriage Honesty [Editor’s Note: I had the awesome opportunity to do a Q&A with Molly Reed of the husband/wife music duo Grayson|Reed. They are honest in their songs and have a strong marriage message that I love. Here is some backstory on Grayson|Reed before we dive into the interview… Mike and Molly met their first week of college as entering freshman at Nashville’s Belmont University. Over the next 10 years, the aspiring artists floated in and out of one another’s social circles, gradually building a unique friendship that eventually became a strong relational foundation when they started dating in 2012. The following year, they said “I do,” and two years later, they…

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    Thankful for My Husband

    [Editor’s Note: Today I am welcoming back veteran Diva Sarah Coleman to congratulate her on the release of her new book, Together: A Journey Of Godly Marriage. Glad to have you back with this timely Thanksgiving piece, Sarah!] It is the time of year when we are thankful. Thankful for the many blessings God has bestowed upon our lives. Yet sometimes there are blessings right under our noses that escape notice. Blessings we take for granted. People in our lives we forget to thank. “Oh, they know how much I love and appreciate them.” Do they? I met my husband when I was thirty-one. After ten years of my adult life…

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    Why I Surrendered My Marriage to God

    Why I Surrendered My Marriage to God [Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Angela Tyler. I’m so happy Angela reached out to me to share to her story on Devotional Diva! Marriage isn’t always perfect, but God always is. Thank you for sharing with us, Angela!] Like many other girls growing up, I often imagined what my life would be like as an adult. I pictured myself married with two children, football practices and family game night. Things were planned out, and I knew exactly the kind of husband I wanted. I was a go getter with a can do attitude about my future. I had the right stuff to make…

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    God Is Still In The Marriage Business

    God Is Still In The Marriage Business   [editor’s note: This post was originally published on Feb 09, 2016. Due to a recent glitch, I’m just republishing it!] My husband and I decided to get married because we wanted our lives to line up within God’s order. It was not because of love, convenience, or social pressures. We made up in our minds that we will be examples to our families of what God can do when you put Him first. I wanted to share this for two reasons. First, we don’t hear enough. I even have people today that frown up at me when I say it. Secondly, I want to…