What Does Your Soul Need Right Now?

devotional diva what does your soul need right now


What does your soul need right now?

Does it need rest? Or a break? Or maybe it needs to just have a day filled with fun. Does it need a change? Does it need a resolution to an ongoing problem?

Let’s mind our bodies and souls.


  • Kathleen Livick

    Hi, my soul right now, needs a little TLC, as my mom passed away 1 week ago, and my heart is broken. She had Dementia
    but she died of a very quick moving infection in her colon. My dad is in an Alzheimer’s unit, and did not get to go to the funeral
    b/c “he was afraid they were taking him someplace else”. The last 3 years or so have been a night mare. My mom ended up in a
    rehab. home due to my one brother throwing her down, and almost breaking her neck. He also beat up my father two times,
    before I had to get Power of Attorney. I know she is in Heaven and walking and at peace, but my heart is broken and not at
    peace, and my dad is not at peace. Alzheimer’s is a horrible disease, as it robs the person of all of their memories and feelings,
    and you grieve twice, first for the person they used to be, and then when they are no longer here. Thank you, KL

  • Jen

    I love the post. I have been trying to figure out the right question to ask myself because I have been so off lately. What do I NEED is exactly it. I think I need a break. I need to rest. I need to release some ties and stress and focus on some R&R. A friend of mine just passed away in an accident two weeks ago and everyone has seemed to be processing it okay and moving forward and healing. And I just feel sadness and feel like crying at random times during the day. I mourn for his family, close friends, and girlfriend. I feel for them and miss him too. I keep thinking of the future and how he doesn’t get to have a future. I have been turning to God but still find myself frustrated. I have not had someone this close pass away, only family members that was hard on me but this seems like a different sting. I thought I would share and let a little of my stress and thoughts out. Thank you for your post and that photo saying what does my soul need. I appreciate it. xoxo Jen