I'm Engaged!

12 years, 10 months, and 24 days ago–God promised me a husband. On August 13, 2011, Marc asked me to be his wife! I’m engaged!!!

For those of you who have not had the opportunity to meet Marc, please let me introduce you to him:

Marc grew up in San Marcos, CA. He has three sisters: Marsha, Alicia, and Sandra. He has two degrees from Cal State San Marcos, Math and Computer Science. He has taught English in Kazakhstan, hiked the Himalayas in Nepal, and in his spare time he loves to read the writings of past missionaries and revivalists. He works as a Software Engineer for Teradata, and just bought us a home!

We met at North Coast Church as I was his co-leader. I love how God brought him directly to me in my parents home. I didn’t have to go searching for him. He FOUND me. He helped me move down to San Diego, when I originally thought I was going to attend Bethel Seminary for Marriage & Family Therapy. (As a single person I always wondered what God had in mind).

A week after I moved, he asked me out.

After our first date he emailed me a piece of his writing–a devotional. (What’s my registered trademark???) He won me over by his heart and knowledge of the Word. A few months after living in San Diego, I decided to move back and pursue our relationship while finishing my second book.

While I was editing “Not Another Dating Book,” everything my editor asked me to change I was living with Marc. It was nuts. I remember running up and down the stairs of my apartment in San Diego yelling, “WHAA????” All those years of bitterness and anger towards God melted as I began to see the timing of God’s sovereignty in both of our lives. His promise to me did not hold void and I am so glad I waited.

How he proposed

Marc came over to hang out on Saturday. He surprised me with my favorite flower, gerber daisies. I gave him a letter when he came over, so I didn’t expect anything to happen that night. He said he was “craving” Italian and that he had a letter for me too. He told me the restaurant was in La Jolla and I was puzzled. That’s a bit far…

So I agreed because I thought, “well maybe…” because I wasn’t feeling that well.

He kept driving past La Jolla, past San Diego, and we ended up in Coronado. He made reservations at Vigiluccis Restaurant. That was the BEST pasta I’ve ever eaten. The Salmon melted in my mouth. Seriously. The entire time he had a letter on the window seal waiting for me. So again, I had no clue.

After dinner, he suggested we walk down to the Hotel del Coronado and go for a walk on the beach. When we got to the beach there was a white towel on the sand just sitting there. We sat down and enjoyed the sweet silence and the sound of the waves. I asked Marc, “so do I get the letter now or later?” and he stood up because he wanted to read me the letter.

I was shocked.

It was everything I wrote in MY letter that God had put on my heart to write to him earlier, but he couldn’t tell me until that point. We both laughed and he kept reading. I thought he was finished and he quickly said, “wait, I have one more thing…” I started screaming as he pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him. Then I cried, then I screamed, and then I tackled him.


Our Wedding

We are getting married on Saturday, October 15th. Please keep us in your prayers as he closes on the house next week, and we go through the crazy process of planning a wedding. We decided to invite 50 people to keep things small and intimate. For all those who have prayed along the journey with me to find a man–let’s celebrate! God is faithful and He keeps His promises.