Inspiration Lately

Italian Ferragusto Fireworks

Hey Divas,

Devotional Diva’s mission is all about inspiring women and spurring them forward, so I thought I’d share what has been inspiring me lately! I hope this can be an encouragement to you today, wherever you are!

  1. While perusing Instagram, I stumbled upon this blog post (link) by Erica Jacobs of What’s Eating Erica Jacobs. I don’t go through “High-Functioning Low-Level Panic” like Erica does, but reading her story was definitely something I could relate to. A great, inspiring read!
  2. Ferragusto fireworks! The photo above was taken from the comfort of my own li’l bed as I watched Italian Ferragusto fireworks. Ferragusto celebrates the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and is a pretty big deal. There were little fireworks shows going on all night! It was pretty cool that I could just sit back and watch. So cool that it inspired me to share my first Instagram story! (@Devotional_Diva) My Italian neighbors caught me talking to my phone on my balcony and thought I was pretty weird I think.
  3. I’ve been finding old music I used to listen to and bringing back the memories! I highly recommend this. It’s been so fun! I really like to listen to music at night when I’m reading, or just listen to the music alone. Thinking about a different time in my life is inspiring to me. It gives me perspective!