Meet Our "Beauty Diva" Asia!

[Editor’s note: Asia approached me with the idea of becoming the “Beauty Diva” — As a professional makeup artist, she wanted to share photos of her makeovers and the stories of those women! I was pretty excited. I believe this will be a cool weekly feature to have on Devotional Diva, and I hope you will enjoy our “Beauty Saturdays!” In this post you will get to know her a little better, and next Saturday will be her first guest post!]

Kimberly Asia Hall

Kimberly “Asia” Hall born April 29, 1988 in Columbia, SC is a makeup artist employed by Eastern TV/Vh1. She is the middle child of Pastor Jerry L. Hall and Wanda E. Hall of Eastover, SC.

At the age of 8, Asia would spend her spare time drawing gowns in a sketchbook provided by her mother. She thought nothing of the gift at that time but as she grew older her passion for fashion and beauty expanded. After finishing high school she attended the University of South Carolina-Upstate for 3 years when she decided that Nursing was possibly not her calling after several failed attempts to enter the Nursing program. After returning to Eastover, SC it wasn’t until she needed a new foundation from M.A.C Cosmetics that her makeup artistry career blossomed.

“I realized that God has given each and every one of us a purpose. I thought because of my huge heart and warm spirit, I was called to be a nurse because they revitalize people through their skill of nurturing. Even in my career today, the anointing is still there for me to nurture and provide a sense of empowerment to others. Artistry is my ministry.”

In 2010 Asia landed her first job in the cosmetic industry at M.A.C Cosmetics. After two years, she stepped out on faith and launched her own freelance makeup artist business. On August 19, 2013 became ASIA LA’ KITTY GLAMOUR LLC with the vision of “Transforming & touching lives!”

Asia currently resides in the Atlanta, GA.

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Twitter: @asia_la_kitty