On Writing: Interview with Jeff Goins

interview with jeff goins

I wasn’t going to post this week since I started working on my fourth manuscript, but was delighted to hear from Jeff Goins.

This month’s series on writing was all about helping new authors learn to Start Writing Now #StartWritingNow.

Also, if you missed the series, I posted an easy way to view all of them on Pinterest.

I hope this month’s series has been encouraging–and I wanted to say thanks again to all those who contributed. You are a blessing to me.

Here is my recent interview with Jeff Goins on the subject of writing.

“What would you say are the five most important tips to starting a writing business?”

Don’t start a writing business. Start writing, because you love it. Find a way to help people. Don’t expect to just get paid to do what you love. Look for opportunities to add value to others’ lives; that’s what people are willing to pay for. Become a student of good marketing — whether you like it or not. Establish a personal, memorable brand. And “personal” and “memorable” are not defined by you; they’re defined by your readers. Until they’re opening up to you and remembering what you say, you haven’t arrived. Build a permission asset (i.e. a newsletter, blog, or some way to communicate directly with readers). Always give more than you take and find ways to keep building trust over time.
“Is it important to view writing as a business versus a ministry? Why?”
I think it’s important to view it as a craft, a skill that you build over time and with care. Then–and only then–you can use it wisely and well as a business or a ministry.
“What can a new writer expect to get paid if he or she works their butt off in the first few years?”
A better question is, “How much enduring art can a new writer create in the first few years?” Good art gets rewarded; bad art gets critiqued.”
“How long did it take your writing business to become profitable?”

It took two years. First, it took a year of making no money and being as generous as possible. Then, it took another year of asking people what they wanted and what they’d be willing to pay for. And then I gave it to them.

“Tell us about your books on writing and how we can support you as a writer?”

Thanks for asking about that, Renee. I wrote an eBook called, You Are a Writer (youareawriter.com), and it’s for those who write but don’t call themselves writers. It’s pretty cheap, and a lot of people have enjoyed it. Also, if you’re interested in building a tribe of readers around your writer, you might want to check out my online course, Tribe Writers (tribewriters.com).

jeff goinsJeff Goins loves compelling stories, worthy causes, and Pez candy. He’s been writing for most of my life, but only recently started calling myself a writer and actually believing it. He is the author of Wrecked: When A Broken World Slams Into Your Comfortable Life , and you can connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, or his blog.
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