Is ultra connectedness…bad?

ultra connectedness

[Guest Post by Ashley Beaudin – I always appreciate meeting new people, especially ones that care about the whole person including the heart. Check out her new eBook 33 Questions to Ask YOUR Heart below.]

There is a fire singing in your bones. Let’s find it.

We live in a culture where we are connected all the time; we are hyper-connected. You can feel like you’re connected with someone without ever having a face-to-face conversation. And when you’re bored or tired or unhappy with your life, hey you can just scroll through someone else’s and get your mind off of yours.

Am I right?
Come on, let’s be honest. 

And at the same time, this ultra connectedness offers us such treasure in the exchange of information and ideas and being able to have meaningful and life impacting conversation with anyone anywhere. I know that some of the conversations that have moved me to my core have been through that connectedness.

But for me, I started to get to this point, where I realized that in all this connectedness to everyone and everything else, I was struggling to know how to connect with my own heart, with real people in real life and with God.

And see, I believe there is such a radical importance in knowing how to connect with our own hearts and in knowing how to work through what is going on inside. It can be so easy to just not and to not ask questions, not to process. But listen up, when we don’t, when we just let stuff build up on the inside, it becomes crazy easy to get overwhelmed and afraid. It is like this:

Imagine your heart like a container. And every day you face stuff (good and messy) and it settles in your heart. When you don’t process that stuff, it keeps building up. The heart keeps getting full and more full. And so when something comes along that is hard or just big, we go into a, “Woah! Can’t handle this!”

But someone who is healthy has freed up their heart to receive and work through everything as it comes. And that is a beautiful and freeing thing.

And listen up, there is a fire in you, that is so uniquely yours placed there by God Himself. That’s your fire to walk in with passion. Know how to ask your heart the questions to draw that out, to explore it, to truly just begin owning it.

So I wrote this ebook called 33 Questions to Ask YOUR Heart. It is a digital booklet filled with thirty-three power packed questions to empower you to have honest and soul stirring conversation with your own heart.

In our hyper connected culture, there is insane value in learning how to connect with the one person we’re with all the time, ourselves.

+ Free up your heart from feeling overwhelmed by owning up to what is going on inside.
+ Discover the passion and fire that is shouting from your belly.
+ Get to know the difference between escaping and living with intention.

I am so excited for you to read this book! I honestly believe it is a game changer because this is a practice that has honestly changed my life. You can purchase it here.

Ashley BeaudinHi, my name is Ashley and I am a fiery and calling-out-the-gold-in-you life coach for women who want more out of this life and who believe in their core that their life is shamelessly valuable (more than they’ve been told).  I am currently coaching women one on one and recently released a digital ebook containing the questions you’ve got to be asking your heart. So, I am curious, what would it look like if you gave yourself permission to show up and be who you really are? Connect with Ashley on her Blog or Twitter.

[photo credit: Mark Nye, via photopin cc]

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