5 Tips How To Get A Second Date

Photo: A Brand New Minneapolis, Creative Commons

[Guest Post by Tracy Le] – Believe it or not–it really is possible to snag a second date.

A lot of my friends who are single find dating to be dreadful. And by “dreadful” I mean really dreadful.

For some reason, I seem to be the lone wolf who welcomes such a potentially awkward social set up. Then again I strangely love job interviews so I suppose it comes to no surprise; there is a commonality between the two with it’s exchanging of questions and answers about oneself that I just really enjoy.

I’m no expert at dating but my liking towards it bodes well for my reputation and oftentimes I’m asked my advice and thoughts on ways I have found successful when it comes to snagging dates—primarily a second one.

Inversely, what can also be found are ways to actually prevent any date.


Below are 5 tips how to get a second date:

1. Laugh more than normal, but less than excessive.

I have found smiling and laughing to be cues that display interest all the while gives the date a tone of lightheartedness and ease. Bonus: laugh at yourself too—taking yourself seriously will seriously be a downer.

2. Let him take the lead.

There is something that says, “I trust your judgment and taste,” when you let them suggest where to eat, grab a drink or take a walk.

3. Ask them questions about themselves.

Granted, this is a difficult one because we lovely ladies only want to be pursued and asked about when it comes to our likes and passions, but when we take initiative in knowing our date’s goals and dreams, we create an intentionality that gives him a confidence he may not have known he needed. It affirms him—which gives him the fuel to ask you those things in return as well.

4. This goes alongside the previous point, but leave some mystery.

With girlfriends it’s easy to talk a mile a minute about all things about our day ranging from how our hearts are doing to how we had our eggs in the morning, but with a potential suitor, this can overwhelm. Leave enough to the imagination to where he wants to know more—which can only be done by arranging another calendar date.

5. Display respect for their time.

One major way is to leave your mobile devices at home or turn them off. An unoriginal thought, but being present is key and that isn’t displayed when we become more interested and distracted with the beeps and buzzes our phones make.

Oftentimes, dating epitomizes nervousness, anxiousness, or just plain awkwardness—and it’s heightened when we actually like the person!

So these are just simple reminders that are natural enough for us to muster on our own and to be dutifully aware of when we find ourselves in these potentially ridden positions.

I am a firm believer of making “dating” a good and necessary thing.

And when we do it well and with the confidence that is crucial in this love-driven endeavor, we will find fullness and contentment both in waiting and with dating.

Tracy Le is a freelancer who flirts with words, believer, eye-smiler, black coffee drinker & legitimate hi-fiver. Find her on Insta: tracyleeeee or on her blog: http://traceatthewell.wordpress.com.