Because You Are More Than Just a Number – devotional

Editor’s Note: This is a guest submission from Maggie Meadows Cooper – one of my favorite Christian mom bloggers, and she just happens to have a great name!!

Y’all, lately I have been feeling the pressure of numbers. So. Many. Numbers.

The number of likes or followers on social media.

The number of minutes ticking away from time with my family.

The number in my bank account.

The number of mistakes I make in a day.

The number on the scale.

The number for attendance at school events.

The number of books sold.

Number after number after number.

This world will tell you that numbers define you. That they form your identity. That they make you…or break you. But none of that is truth when it comes to Jesus.

When I admitted that I could not make it in this world alone…that I needed a Savior because I was hopelessly flawed and sinful on my own…Jesus came into my heart. And Jesus is enough for me. Just Jesus, y’all. 

The truth is that I will never measure up to some people’s expectations. I will never be “liked” enough or rich enough or good enough or successful enough for the world’s standards. Because they are always changing. And the scales are never the same. Some numbers can never be small enough. Some numbers can never be large enough. And if you’re somewhere in the middle, well, you’re just mediocre. 

As I watch my children grow up in their little world of numbers with test scores and AR points and tumbling scores and batting averages, my heart longs for them to know that they are more than the sum of their numbers. And whether they are a “10” or a “0” in the world’s eyes, they are so much more to their heavenly Father. They are His and He is theirs. Because Jesus +0 still equals Jesus. 

He is the common denominator in anything that’s worth doing or having in this world. And the longing of my heart is to help us find him there. If we can fit him into the equation, any equation, it puts us on common ground with those around us. Because we are all loved by Him. We are all created by Him. We are all here for Him. And any other numbers lose their significance in light of His.

My hope is that we will all focus on the number the Lord wants for us all: ONE.

“There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, 

for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Galatians 3:28

In a world where numbers cause division and comparison and competition, let’s stand up and be a light to others by showing our oneness in Christ.

Let’s put aside jealousy, worry, and fear over not keeping up or being enough, and instead celebrate other’s accomplishments.

Let’s stop judging others by the color of their skin or the clothes on their backs, and instead look at their hearts.

And y’all, let’s pray for hearts that will be content with our own circumstances and share a heart of thankfulness with everyone around us.

Let’s love each other as ONE in Christ Jesus, the way He meant for it to be.

My sweet friends, you are more than just a number. You are so precious to God that He can  use these worldly numbers in our lives for Him, though. Focus on Jesus, love others as ONE, and lay all of those other digits at His feet.

Maggie Meadows Cooper is a real-life wife and mom who messes up every day and needs Jesus to save her. She loves Auburn football (War Eagle!), real Coca-cola, and all things chocolate! She is the author of the children’s book Bumper, writes for Blogs by Christian Women, serves as a Parent Coordinator in the Opelika City Schools, and leads the FBCO Teen Moms group. She lives in Opelika, AL with her husband and three children. You can follow her at