Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me Blog Tour

Forgiving Others Forgiving Me Blog Tour

Welcome to the Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me blog tour! I’ve been waiting to say this for so many years, and I can’t wait to finally share bits and pieces with you on the blogosphere.

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+ More posts coming soon (via Jaimie Bowman, Laurie Coombs, Arlene Pellicane, Addie Zierman, Lisa Copen, and Ronel Sidney)

*NEW* I created a website for Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me.

At, you can:

+ Locate which bookstores are selling

+ Learn why I wrote the book

+ Read who endorsed the book

+ Download Chapter 1 for free

+ Download a free eBook of all the scriptures on forgiveness from the book.

Also, I will soon be releasing Chapter Videos so you can go along with the Discussions Questions at the back of the book. If you’re looking to host a 7-week Bible Study on forgiveness, you will be able to soon!