Deal Breakers

What are your deal breakers in dating?


Do you just hate it when a guy blasts the music too loud when you’re in his car? Or when a girl can’t seem to tear herself away from texting on her cell phone long enough to say hello? Maybe you’d never date someone who smokes, doesn’t laugh at your jokes, or has a lot of baggage from a previous relationship. It’s no question: Everyone has deal breakers in a relationship–beliefs we’re not willing to compromise. But what does the Bible say our deal breakers should be? [Not Another Dating Book, Harvest House, (C) 2012, page 34]

That is just an excerpt from my second book, “Not Another Dating Book.” I decided NOT to finish the list because I want to hear from you!

I’m also giving you a chance to win two free copies of my book.

Here is a picture of me holding “Faithbook of Jesus” for the first time back in 2010, and “Not Another Dating Book” in 2012. In honor of my second book I am going to do a BIG BOOK GIVEAWAY.

I’m giving away 20 copies of books to ten different people. 

To win a copy for you and your friend, please tell me your top two deal breakers when it comes to relationships and dating. I will draw the winners at random on Friday, January 20th.

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