What Do You Want to See on Saturdays?


Unfortunately, I have decided to end Beauty Saturdays. The intent behind bringing the series on was to have fun, shorter content on Saturdays.

Something not as heavy as the Tuesday/Thursday posts…something that doesn’t take as long to read.

I still want to do that!

And I really need your help figuring out what you would like to see!

I was thinking about featuring a cute little picture with a quote on it…Like the one above (perfect for Devotional Diva, I thought!) from pinterest.

I also thought I would maybe pose a question on Saturdays — something to think about. I don’t know. There are so many possibilities for what we could do on here!

Comment below or on Devotional Diva’s Facebook to share your ideas and input!

One Reply to “What Do You Want to See on Saturdays?”

  1. Faithful Fashionable Diva says:

    I loved the idea of beauty Saturday especially for divas like us. I also like the idea of a picture or question though. A cute pic with a question that matches. Saturday is a day where everyone is busy doing SOMETHING. Maybe a section where your readers can share what they did on Saturday with a picture.

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