Love Me?

This week God has been teaching me a lot about how to love me.

First, there was this idea to start a series called I Love My Body.

I invited many fabulous women (and men) to share their body stories. Stories of hate. Stories of acceptance.

The series kicked off with one of the most beautiful Brit’s I’ve ever seen. Her name is Chine and she is actually writing a book on body image.


Check out her story here.

Then, there was my blog meltdown.

I started a previous series called Monday Meditations–and let’s just say it failed. Read why here.

Next up, I had the privilege to write my first piece for Faithlife Women.

I wrote 5 Biblical truths on why God not only loves us but our bodies too. I gave it my best attempt to answer the age old question:


I say it yellingly (yes I just made up a word) because sometimes we just need God to get in our faces like a big personal trainer to teach us how to retrain our minds (and bodies).

Media is not the answer–nor will it ever be. Your beauty comes from Him first. Period. Read the rest of my article here.

Lastly, I had the amazing opportunity to serve alongside my friend Maria Keckler at the ReWrite Conference in San Diego.

There I met a fellow 20-something named Ruth Rutherford (of I Kissed My Date Goodnight) who was mostly responsible for running that conference amongst other things. Wowza. She did amazing. Before I left I gave her a copy of Not Another Dating Book and told her to keep it because I liked her that much.

She wrote More Than A Number on her blog today about a TV journalist who was/is bullied for her weight. This journalist ended up on the Ellen Show and has taken much flack for it. Read the rest of the article here.

It is my hope that during this month of posts from various artists–that we would begin to see how much God does love me (you)!

I just wanted you to know because I’m in your corner.

Can’t wait to share my story next week!

Stay tuned…