My Apologies

My apologies for writing on failure and not ending with a word of encouragement.

In the moment I was feeling sorry for myself.

I have learned since there is a difference between venting and sharing.

Venting leaves the person with no hope, and sharing enters the author and the reader into a dialogue of hope. Maybe not right away, but eventually.

What I’m not saying is that you have to tie a pretty red bow on something that hurts.

What I am saying is sometimes you have to give your love away and not expect anything in return.

I wasn’t expecting to receive a few straggling emails from folks asking what else they should write since devotionals don’t seem to be popular.

I’m sorry.

My apologies for not thinking of you the reader and thinking only of myself.

This morning, I read new inspiration in a devotional book Seize The Day With Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

“The church is good at telling the rest of the world what if should not do. [They] must be more than merely a word that rails against the moral evils of society. It cannot simply be a negative word. It must be a word that champions freedom, promotes responsibility, encourages justice, inspires hope, makes room for mercy, and calls for accountability.”

Devotionals are a great way to share freedom with others.

Devotionals help promote responsibility in the reader.

Devotionals encourage others to do acts of justice.

Devotionals inspire; they give hope.

Devotionals make room for mercy.

Devotionals end with a call for accountability.

Last week I hosted my second DEVOTIONAL book release party.

It was so much fun.

Since getting married a year ago–I made a vow to God to give him the first year of my marriage. I wouldn’t travel or speak. This way I could build an amazing foundation with my husband Marc.

Just look at the faces of joy from those who came. It was such a warm occasion–and not because the weather was extremely hot outside.

When I look into the faces of my family and friends–I see hope.

Hope from all those years of thinking devotionals weren’t popular and the publishing world told me in order to publish a devotional book I had to be FAMOUS.

God still made a way.

And He’s still making a way today–and not just for me, but for you too!


Today my article Give Your Love Away published.

I think God has a sense of humor because He must have known I would have needed to be able to share how it hurts to give and get nothing in return.

Read the rest of the article here.

Next week I am hosting a Twitter party to Save Our Girls.

On Wednesday October 17, Modern Day Princess Ministries in partnership with Love-Wise Ministries, will be sponsoring an International day of prayer on behalf of our teen girls.

Stats for Teen Girls:

One in three girls becomes pregnant before age 20.3

One in four will contract an S.T.D.

One third of all teen pregnancies will end in an abortion.

Nearly one-third of all juvenile arrests are girls.

Girls are more likely to be violent at home and the victim more than any other is her mother.

Teenage girls are more likely to develop depression than teenage boys.

Depression in girls..cutting, anorexia, bulimi,a sexting.

Girls experiment with drugs & alcohol in higher number than boys.

I hope you’ll join me on that day and say a prayer for our future generation. You can watch the video here.

Save Our Girls Promo Video from Bill & Pam Farrel on Vimeo