Monday Meditations #2 – Carrying On The Work

(c) Branden Harvey

[Guest Post by Marc Fisher] – “Now Joseph and all his brothers and all that generation died” (Exodus 1:6).

Yes a generation was now gone but God’s work was not yet complete. His promise was not fulfilled so there was still work to be done. Joseph had continued the work which his father Jacob had picked up after Issac which was built on the foundation laid by Abraham.

John Wesley’s once said, ‘God buries the workmen and carries on the work.’ We must understand in whatever work God has given us that it is not for nothing if it is a part of the mighty whole. It is a great task for us to learn to be content with doing what seems as insignificant or unfinished work. We should be content to do our little bit of the work. Never mind whether it is complete and smooth and rounded or not. Never mind whether it requires much help from others or little. We must be able to be content to receive half-done works from those before us, and to hand on unfinished tasks to them that come after us.It is not a great trial of a man’s modesty, if he lives near Jesus Christ, to be content to do but a very small bit of the Master’s work.”

But where can we find the motivation such a command requires?

‘He lives! He lives!’

In this conviction alone. When life seems empty and hope dead, and nothing is able to fill the void or still the pain, we have to look to the vision of the Lord sitting on the empty throne,high and lifted up, and yet very near the aching and void heart.

Christ lives, and that is enough.

Let us dwell often on John 4:37,“You know the saying, ‘One plants and another harvests.’ And it’s true.” Knowing that the harvest which was produced by neither thesower nor the reaper, but by Him who blessed the toils of both.

[Monday Meditation posted by permission from Marc Fisher, my husband].