Florence, Italy: Diva Travel

Today I’m excitedly sharing with you photos from our anniversary trip to Florence, Italy! We had an amazing time and it’s my favorite city we’ve visited in Italy so far. And it was really kid and stroller-friendly. We weren’t able to do “all the things” Florence has to offer, because it is A LOT. We chose to do a lot of walking around and saw much of Florence that way.

The ceiling at the Uffizi gallery — the Uffizi gallery is probably a must-do. I really, really enjoyed it. (It has a large collection of Renaissance art.)
This is the Tribuna at the Uffizi gallery, which holds some of the most important pieces in the gallery. It had the only line we encountered.
My most favorite meal of the whole trip — Grilled veggies with melted brie.
Outside of the Orsanmichele church — I thought it looked really cool. There’s so many cool things to look at that are just OUTSIDE in Florence. There’s so much sculpture. There are a lot of churches in Florence to visit, and I’ll be doing a post a later on of the most famous one…The Duomo!


We had some time at the end of one night to go into the reasonably-priced (7 euro) Gucci Museo (Museum). It was just a fun little treat for me. It’s not a huge museum but it was really cool to go through. In addition to lots of clothes, they also have on display a Gucci car!
In one of the rooms in the Gucci Museo, they had three red carpet gowns on display. They were AMAZING.