Overcome Failure (Excerpt and GIVEAWAY!)


[Editor’s note: Guest blogger Diva veteran Ifeoma Samuel sent me an advanced copy of her new book, Overcome Failure: Get Back on Your Feet, and asked if I wanted to select a copy to share on Devotional Diva…PLUS she gave me TWO copies to giveaway to Devotional Diva readers 🙂 I felt a little silly when I decided to ask permission to use part of the first chapter, but I felt it really aligned with Devotional Diva’s “mission” well and was just a really good chapter! As someone who is very hard on themselves, this book was a personal encouragement to me and it even talks about that. Overcome Failure is just generally a very encouraging book, and lifted my spirit. I love Ifeoma, am blessed to “know” her and she is truly spurring women forward! Without further ado, What is Your Story?]

What is Your Story?

The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way. Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the LORD upholdeth him with his hand 
Psalm 37:23-224

I sat in the mall looking over at those who were up and about their shopping as I reflected on recent events and stole a smile. Everyone has a story but who cares anyway? God cares and in fact, He knows your story!

I’d love to hear your story. I wish I was sitting near you at the cafe. I would gently pull my seat and lean closer, sip my drink slowly, snuggle in and listen to your heart.

Even if we could, there would never be enough time for you to share all your heart burdens. But guess what?

Your story matters.

Whether or not there is someone to crave your audience, your journey means a lot.

Reminisce on your life path for a minute or two. Now I ask you,

How do you recount it to yourself?

What you think about it?

Do you say it like one who is filled with hope?

Are there learning curves in your story?

Are there things you wished you have done differently?

What you think about your story greatly influences how you tell it

What is it about your story that has the sparkle? ‘Uniqueness’ makes your life story great.

What makes it worth telling is the value you have placed on it. I encourage you not to look on the failures and pitfalls in your life and think it makes your story less significant.

The beauty of life journey is all the rhythms both ups and downsides come together to make life more sonorous.

I welcome you to the Big Sofa.

It is time to tell your story. Please tell it in your own way. Pretty scary…I get it, if you’d ask me “my story” maybe I would choose someone’s story and not mine. It makes us comfortable choosing all the beautiful people we admire.

Something we often forget is every person we admire today has got a messy and not too pleasant behind- the-scene moments. We are quick to spot out the great episodes of their life, choose it, claim it and many times desire them; how about their messiness?

Their glory wouldn’t be without all that rough and jagged edges chipping away and smoothening all at once.

>> What is it about your story that matters? <<

Everything about your life story matters from the very mundane, gory, heart ripping to the bliss, laughter and fond memories. Like the rainbow, laid side by side, the beautiful colors create a glorious impression; that’s how they become blended in into a heartwarming life testimony.

You have come this far and you are still here. Then your story means something and it is still playing out.

Your story is still playing out. It is not over, it has only begun.

I20150928_1226233.crop_945x1599_78,0.preview.format_png.resize_200xfeoma Samuel, happily married to her sweetheart Obiora Samuel, is an author, a blogger and an occasional Speaker. She enjoys using her writings to share everyday life stories about God’s immense love. Her book “My 30 Days Journey To a Fulfilled Life” and her latest book “Overcome Failure; Get Back on Your Feet” both available on Amazon. You can find her writing regularly over at her blog Purposeful and Meaningful or visit on FacebookPinterest or Youtube.


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