Why Do You Need Friends

why do you need friends

[Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Ayodele Oluwafunsho. “Why Do You Need Friends” is a follow-up post to her last guest blog on Devotional Diva on the topic of friendship: “We Are Meant to Relate.” Look out for even more friendship posts from Oluwafunsho!]


My last post was about what Friendship is and what it entails.

Today, I would like to discuss two other important aspects of Friendship.

  • Why do you need friends? 

You are a product of people’s inputs; whoever you have in your life is either adding to you or subtracting from you. This either brings a positive or a negative input into your life, let me say this “Don’t always be the motional fellow, the one always looking for help. Have something to offer too.” God made us for association and life is about reciprocation, give and take is what it entails.

  • You Need Friends to:
  • Gain clearer and better insight and understanding of the real issues of life.
  • Share ideas, emotions, aspirations and help lift your body.
  • Strengthen, encourage, sustain and help you emotionally, financially, socially and spiritually.
  • Help in the days of adversity.
  • They are there when nobody knows your name till people hear your name.
  • They help you learn to love and serve.
  • They teach you how to live fulfilled and die empty.

Real friends will stretch you and this is a matter of attitude.


  • Someone who helps you deal with your pasts, inspires your present in order to have your future secured.
  • Someone that brings out the genius in you and takes out the monster.
  • Someone that invests in your strengths and helps you overcome your weaknesses.
  • Someone who celebrate your victory and mourns your defeat, whatever hurts you, hurts him too.
  • Someone willing to take risk and sacrifices for you.
  • Someone who is sincerely committed to your success in life at all cost and seasons.
  • Someone committed to God, a real one with an unwavering and uncompromising commitment.
  • Someone travelling in the same direction with you.
  • What Will Make You Keep Your Friends

True friends are like diamonds. The future is uncertain and brisk for a man who doesn’t have friends.

  • RECOGNITION; You need to partner with the people God has placed in your life, but they are waiting for your recognition. It is the first factor to valuing, respecting and celebrating your friendship. (John 1:10) Take time to recognize the genius in your friend, it is the key to investment; it is the key to protection. Recognise their accomplishment as well.

Friends are carriers of destiny and they are protectors of destiny. 

Your friends are all loaded with solutions and ideas.

FINALLY, don’t  forget this;

Isolation is the beginning of Desolation and its susceptible to Destruction. It makes you Vulnerable. 

Watch out for my next post: CATEGORIES OF FRIENDS 


Oluwafunsho is a certified Relationship therapist. An author and a Christian writer. Married with kids.