Top 10 Blogs for Christian Women

Top 10 Blogs for Christian Women

Top 10 Blogs for Christian Women

After blogging for almost 10 years, I (Renee Fisher) thought it was time to make a top 10 list of the top 10 blogs for Christian women!

Every year there are a few websites that list the top Christian blogs, but they’re usually based on how much traffic you receive. That may be what attracts you to read a blog, but that is NOT what attracts me.

For me, it goes much deeper than that.

+ Are they women of integrity?
+ Does she actually care about you–the reader?
+ Does she stay away from gossiping or slandering other Christian blogs to get more hits?
+ Is she accessible enough on social media for you to feel like you’re a part of her journey & online ministry?
+ Is she connected with her local church?

These are all questions I prefer to ask instead of HOW MANY STATS DOES HER WEBSITE HAVE?

After checking out their sites, and have questions on how to start your own blog–check out ALL my writing tips here.

Not only have I had the pleasure of connecting with them, but I have collaborated with them at some point. Feel free to say hi, I’m sure she won’t bite!

Renee Fisher

Now that I am no longer the editor of Devotional Diva, please visit my new site!

1. Pam Farrel

She may not always be updating her blog, but that’s because she’s one busy lady. She writes about two books a year, and travels full time with her husband Bill as they speak at churches and ministries across the country. She is my mentor and I love her.

2. Arlene Pellicane

She is a fellow Harvest House author and the author of 31 Days to a Younger You, 31 Days to a Happy Husband, and is currently working on two more books (oh, and she is married with three young children). What an amazing lady she is!! BTW Her husband sold Marc and I our home.

3. Ashleigh Slater

Ashleigh is a home school mother of four girls PLUS she finds time to write for, manages, and OH SHE’S WRITING HER FIRST BOOK! Crazy awesome woman!

4. Wendy van Eyck

Wendy is from South Africa and runs the website–so what’s NOT to love? Seriously though. She’s a newlywed who has stood by her husband while he went through cancer. Her first book releases shortly, and I can’t wait to announce it on my blog on September 12th! Stay tuned!

5. Sarah Francis Martin

Sarah and I go w-a-y back to the days before we were both published authors. I am so excited that she is now working on her second book (her first is Stress Point with Thomas Nelson, a Bible study for 20-something women). She’s super friendly and would love hearing from you!!

6. Crystal Renaud

Crystal is hosting the WHOLE Women Conference, an online event for women on Saturday, September 7. Speakers include Annie Lobert, Dannah Gresh, Lisa Whittle, and myself! Register for free here.

7. Nicole Unice

Nicole and I have known of each other before we both became published authors. It was a pleasure to meet her at the Story Chicago Conference, and her book She’s Got Issues is amazing (I should know I endorsed it). Check out her ministry!

8. Tracy Steel

Tracy is just about one of the sweetest ladies ever. I can’t wait to finally meet her in person soon. She is the kind of girl who will pray for you over the phone. You can’t get more real than that. Plus we were once both single FOREVER so we have that in common too. Plus she likes the Spice Girls–should I continue?

9. Jaimie Bowman

Jaimie and I met at the Re:Think Conference and I quickly realized how amazing she was. She writes on ministry and motherhood and couldn’t be more authentic about both! Give her a follow, why don’t ya?

10. Ronel Sidney

Ronel is a woman who goes hard after God. I have had the pleasure of knowing her for quite a few years in person and online. I love how transparent she is–even when she is not doing what she wishes she was doing. I think we can ALL learn from her!!

Honorable Mentions – Top Blogs for Christian Women Continued Below

Because I certainly couldn’t stop with 10–I decided to list, in no particular order, women also worth connecting with. If I forgot someone or you would like to add someone to the list–please leave a comment below. Thanks!

11. Ruth Rutherford –
12. Rachel Berry –
13. Mary DeMuth –
14. Lisa Whittle –
15. Brett Wilson –
16. Mara Rose –
17. Emily Miller –
18. Rayni Peavy –
19. Julianna Morlet –
20. Samantha Krieger –
21. Kimberly Davidson Campbell –
22. Addie Zierman –
23. Marie Osborne –
24. Sundi Jo –
25. Brenda Rogers –
26. Jenny LaBahn –
27. Laurie Coombs –
28. Various Authors –
29. Various Authors –
30. Various Authors –
31. Various Authors – {BRAND NEW, Launches Sept. 1}
32. Dawn Wilson –
33. Marcia Ramsland –
34. Lisa Copen –
35. Dabney Hedegard – 
36. Suzanne Eller –
37. Kathy Moore –
38. Teryn O’Brien –
39. Krista Pettiford –
40. Angela McNeil –
41. Lindsay Morgan –
42. Annie Downs –
43. Sarah Markley –
44. Paula Hendricks –
45. Renee Fisher (me) –

[Photo: Helen, Flickr]

112 Replies to “Top 10 Blogs for Christian Women”

  1. Dawn Wilson says:

    I am so honored, Renee. Thank you for sharing my blog,, with others. I want to speak truth into this generation and encourage women of all ages to consider how they can reflect the glory of God as they demonstrate the love and power of Christ. That is certainly something you have been doing, Sister-Girlfriend!

    1. You’re so welcome Dawn! You’re pretty incredible yourself 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for putting me in this list, Renee!! I love that you picked people you feel have integrity, etc.,–not just high stats. I love your blog, too, and I’m glad we can all connect as fellow women on this journey towards knowing God better.

    1. Exactly! So glad to hear and glad to have you on the list 🙂

  3. I can recommend Emma Scrivener’s blog, A New Name, for honesty, vulnerability and humour. Her posts never fail to move me.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation, Lucy–I’ll have to check her out!

  4. […] I just found out that my blog made it on the Honorable Mention list over at Devotional Diva’s Top 10 Blogs for Christian Women. (Although I’d say my blog is definitely not only for Christian women–so don’t […]

  5. Thank you for posting this list! I can’t wait to follow these blogs!

  6. Wow, I only have ever heard of one blog (annie downs) on you entire list!!! I best get started!! 🙂

    1. I’m looking forward to welcoming you to my space, Tina.

  7. Readers might be interested in a new blog started last week – team of authors writing on biblical equality and full inclusion of women in the church at!

    1. Thanks Gail, will check it out!

  8. Brittany Warren says:

    Thank you for your post! It was very helpful 🙂 Rochelle Frazier (author of He Gave Me Pearls) is incredible. Check her out! She’s extremely honest and transparent and very inspirational.

    1. Thanks Brittany, will check her out!

    2. Rochelle Frazier says:

      Thank you Brittany. I am so humbled today and honored. Blessings to you sweet friend;)

      1. Rochelle, your site is awesome! If you would ever like to share your story please look at the requirements here:

        1. Rochelle Frazier says:

          Thank you Renee! I am so honored! I’m traveling the next few weeks a good bit, and it’s easiest for me to write when I’m not juggling my babies schedules and needs so I’ll be sure to read your guidelines and respond then! Blessings to you!

  9. Noelle Kirchner says:

    I hope to be added to your list someday, Renee! Congrats on your new book on Forgiveness.!

    1. What’s your blog, Noelle?

  10. Joy Aletheia Stevens says:

    Hi! I was wondering what advice you might want to share in devotional blogging. I’m relatively new to blogging and trying my best to make my blog a priority because I feel like God wants me to do something with it, but I’m still floundering in many ways. I’ve been looking around online to try to learn from what others before me have done which is how I found your list. I’m going to try to look through these different sites and learn from them! But if you have any additional thoughts or advice— my blog is if you want to have a look! If you don’t have the time that’s fine! Thank you!

    1. Joy! I love that you choose a bluchic theme for your blog. I also choose that theme for someone else’s blog that I helped design. Good job on setting things up professionally. Everything looks clean and ready to go. Just keep blogging and reaching out to fellow bloggers. It’s ALWAYS a work in process :-). You can do it!

  11. Gail Suratt Davis says:

    Hi. I have been blogging for two years now, mostly Bible studies, but also some devotions. This year God led me to compile some of them into a book. It came out last week and is called Miracle of Faith. Please go to my blog and give me your insight from so many more years of service. The site is
    Thanks, Gail Davis

    1. Hi Gail, I would recommend choosing a different background and make sure your default font is the same. I see some posts have blue font and black font and some are different sizes. Those are just a few recommendations to make things more professional. Also, you should have your picture and a short bio on the upper right hand side where all your widgets go. Some of your widgets on the right hand side were confusing and really hard to read. Maybe delete them and clean things up? Good luck and keep blogging!

      1. Gail Suratt Davis says:

        Hi Renee. I have adjusted things on my blog site as you suggested. I find that still the blog site will randomly choose to change my font size or color within a document. Any suggestions about that? Also, I am looking into starting a personal web page for the Bible studies I write. Can you tell me anything I need to consider before doing that? Thank you for your previous suggestions.

        1. Gail, it’s been a while since I blogged at blogspot. I would recommend WordPress because it’s way more professional and will make you look very presentable. However, setting it up can be tricky. Check out this post I wrote:

    2. Thanks Gail. If you would like to share your story on here are the requirements:

      1. Gail Suratt Davis says:

        Renee, I would like to share on your site. I have read the requirements and understand them. At the bottom of this sections you say, “If you are selected to guest post please feel free to use our button to the left!” I could not find the button to which you were referring. Can you please help me with that? Thank you.

  12. Hey Renee! Thanks for this list! I’m looking forward to finding a new group of favorite blogs asap! Hoping one day mine will be making the rounds too!

  13. So interesting how our top 10 Christian women bloggers lists are so different. Here’s mine: – thx. for introducing me to yours.

    1. Thanks for sharing Frank!

    A catholic lady who share the her heart and Christ in her blog.

    1. Are you sure this is her blog? I don’t see anything on it. It looks brand new!

  15. Thanks for this list of great blogs!! My blog is unique in that it is meant mostly for women ( or men) whose parents have divorced when they were adults. Please visit if you or someone you know is dealing with the aftermath of their parents divorce , in adult years.

    1. Thanks for sharing! If you would like to share your story please look at the guidelines here:

  16. Katie Browning says:

    Would love for yall to check out my blog, Thanks!

    1. Thanks for sharing Katie. Please let me know if you would ever like to share your story (

  17. I would add Lina AbuJamra to the list. She blogs every day, M-F, and in addition to an excellent blog and podcast, her two books published last year are SO good!

    1. She sounds amazing, thanks Lindsay!

    2. Awesome, thanks for sharing!

  18. ramie marston says:

    Thank you for posting these lists of Christian Blogs for women! Ramie Marston

  19. I am so thankful for this information you have listed. I’m unsure if you have time but I have started blogging as well and my target audience is Christians. I have posted the link and would enjoy your thoughts and feedback about this new world of blogging. I want to spread the love of Jesus and must seek guidance from others who have been doing this. Thank you so much!!!

  20. I can’t wait to check out these blogs! I just started my own.. check it out, please!

  21. Love this! Would you consider checking my sister’s and my blog we write christian poetry, stories, and insights meant to encourage and foster hope. Thanks.

  22. Laurie Kehler says:

    Very impressed with your selection criteria! Thanks so much for this information. It’s refreshing to see a different take on what is “successful” in this area. Feel free to check mine out-

  23. I would love for you to check out

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  25. […] I just found out that my blog made it on the Honorable Mention list over at Devotional Diva’s Top 10 Blogs for Christian Women. (Although I’d say my blog is definitely not only for Christian women–so don’t […]

  26. […] Post by Rochelle Frazier – I met her through the Top 10 Blogs for Christian Women post I compiled. She was nominated for the list, and when I looked at her blog–I knew I had to […]

  27. CherylZ1961 says:

    Hi, I am a Christian author and blogger. Please check out my blog http://facingtrials and my books on Amazon. Just type my name… Cheryl Zelenka. Thanks!

  28. This list is awesome. Even if you search “top ten christian blogs for women”, your blog pops up because of all the intention that this single post has gotten. I am very inspired by this blog. I usually read Jesus Calling Devotional every morning, but this blog gives me a whole new perspective.

    1. Praise God Haley!

  29. marksison602 says:

    Nice List hope my site would be included one day ^^

  30. Great list. Check out also

  31. Thank you for taking the time to put together this list! I’ve been wanting to read and meet other Christian women bloggers. My next comment is, how does one get on this list? 😀 Please stop by and visit my blog: I’ve had it for a while, but only about a year ago I’ve felt God calling me to use my blog as a platform and to be intentional about it. So that’s what I’ve been doing in the last several months. Thanks again and btw, I like this site! I’ll be back to read more articles.

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  34. Jennifer Rodewald says:

    What a great list! I’m going to enjoy visiting these. Thank you!

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    The list is really helpful for people like me. I love to read spiritual things on internet.

    Please include my spiritual blog in above list if you think this is ok..

    ~Dr. Diana

  36. Hello,

    The list is really helpful for people like me. I love to read spiritual things on internet.

    Please include my spiritual blog in above list if you think this is right for your list.

    ~Dr. Diana

  37. I have been so encouraged and blessed by these blogs. Thank you for creating this list and for sharing! God is glorified and lifted high and it is such a beautiful way to share His love with the world! I would be honored if you would consider my blog at and thrilled if you feel it would be appropriate to include. Prayers for God’s blessing on your ministry!

  38. Chidera Christian says:

    I think this blog merit to be in the list

  39. Providence says:

    Ladies can I ask for your prayers please. i work at a place in riverside ca. Providence Recovery Center is a rehab for women suffering from addiction. Here we teach these ladies that it is the lord alone who can release you from the bondage of a sinful life and free you from suffering. We have several ladies struggling with stepping out completely in faith. Can i ask that you would pray for them, the center, and the staff? Also if there is anyone in the riverside ca area that wants to share the word of god we love having women of faith come in and speak. thanks so much!

    1. I will be emailing you!

  40. Heather Lindsey is an awesome blogger as well! She updates pretty regularly. She has encouraged me greatly!

  41. i believe it was an oversight when you left, please do add it in the list. God bless you.

  42. i like this list. i have only come across one from your list. i will take time to go through. thanks a lot for sharing this . i just bookmarked this page.
    God Bless.

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    Mark 16:16 He who has believed and who has been baptized shall be saved..
    Acts 2:38…”Repent, and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins;and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

    In Christian baptism men are clothed with Christ.
    Galatians 3:27 For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.

    John’s Baptism: Men are told to repent and be baptized in water for the forgiveness of their sins and to believe in Jesus who was to come. (The Holy Spirit had yet been given).

    Luke 3:3 And he came into all the district around the Jordan, preaching a baptism of repentance for the remission of sins;
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    Christian baptism follows believing in Jesus, and repentance, (repentance means to make the commitment to turn away from sin and turn toward God).

    The baptism of John followed repentance, (resolving to sin no more).

    Luke 7:30 But the Pharisees and the lawyers rejected God’s purpose for themselves, not having been baptized by John.

    If the Pharisees and lawyers rejected God’s purpose by failing to be baptized by John the Baptist; what will be the consequences for those who reject the baptism commanded by Jesus?

    Did you ever notice that the proponents of the “faith only” doctrine no not say that “for” in Luke 3:3 means “because of”?

    John’s baptism was not because their sin were already forgiven. Christian baptism preached on the Day of Pentecost was not because their sins were already forgiven. (Acts 2:38)

    Luke 3:7 So he began saying to the crowds who were going to be baptized by him, “You brood of vipers, who warned you to flee from the wrath to come.

    John’s baptism in water was essential to spare them of the wrath to come.

    Christian baptism in water is essential to spare us all, of the wrath to come.(Mark 16:16…baptized shall be saved….)

    The baptism of John became obsolete on the Day of Pentecost.



  44. Thanks so much for this list!

  45. I am glad to have found this list. However, I believe that Kristen Dalton-Wolfe should be considered for the list. Her website is

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  47. Wow, what a great list, I have enjoyed reading some of those I had not met! Wonderful, thanks for sharing

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  51. Thanks so much for this list!

  52. Thanks for sharing the top 10 christian blogs.

  53. Hello!
    My name is Karsyn Robb. I’m 20 years old and living in Nashville, TN. I’m contacting you because I just began dipping my toes into the Christian music world. I recently wrote a song called “You’ve Got a Plan” that I really believe in. I wrote it at a time when I was pretty much at the end of my rope, something I think a lot of people can relate to, and for the first time in a long time put the weight of everything I was dealing with in God’s hands. I know this song can inspire and touch a lot of people if given a chance to. Below is the link to the acoustic video I posted on Facebook and it would be absolutely incredible if you could post something on your blog about it. If not, that’s totally cool but I would still love to hear your personal feedback on the song! Thank you so much! 🙂 Have a good one!

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  54. i just started my own christian blog i would love if you would check it out and comment on it 🙂

  55. Great listing! And yes, HOW DOES one get mentioned/reviewed? I have been blogging for awhile but still am trying to figure out the ministry aspect and to reach people….

  56. I have been doing a photo devotional for five years. I Take all the photo’s and write a fitting devotional. Its really a beautiful blog to see, and read. I would love it if you would take a look at my little ministry blog. I love the list, and hope one day to be on it. Darlene

  57. Thanks for this great post! I’m going to start following most of these blogs. Hopefully, someday my own blog Mimi’s Kitchen Table found at might be found worthy to be included in such a respected group.
    Mimi’s Kitchen Table — Food, Family Friends and Jesus – You Never a know What Topic Might Be on the Table!

  58. Love this! My own blog focuses on Faith, Fitness, Food, and Family for anyone interested in leading a wholesome life!

  59. Hi Renee,
    I am a Divorce Recovery and Life Transition coach with Big Blue Couch Coaching in Bismarck, ND. I recently read your article, “10 Tips for Moving Forward after Tough Transitions”. That article touched on many areas that we work with helping women get through tough times in their lives. I would like to know if I could have your permission to use that article with my clients? I would of course have your name and Devotional Deva included in the article. Also if you have the time, please look at our website and let me know what you think about BBCC. We are a very new company and are some of the first life coaches in this area.
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    1. Yes, absolutely!

  60. Thanks for your post. After 17 yrs of being a stay-at-home mom I’ve recently published 2 yabooks. It’s hard to believe people could really benefit from things I write, but while seeking God’s will for my next step starting a blog keeps poking it’s crazy head. Maybe….

  61. I’m just getting in to the world of blogging. I’ve always used Facebook for my “blog” Thank you for this list, I have a bit of a handicap looking for things on-line;) Check out my new blog- I hope you hear the Lord;)

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