Don't Just Guard Your Heart

At first, I wanted to name this Triple Threat–like last week. I’d post the 3 links and be done with it. Then I remembered my mom’s email to me.

“Renee, don’t just call it Triple Threat. Where’s the threat? Call it Triple Treat because your writing is such a treat.”

Aww. Mom.

Thank you, but no!

Instead, I am naming it Don’t Just Guard Your Heart because I wanted to let you know of a post I wrote featured on Relevant today entitled Why Guarding Your Heart Isn’t Enough. If you’ve ever had someone throw the phrase around like a punch to the face–I know you’ll appreciate it.

*Next, I wanted to make you aware of a creative way to win a copy of Not Another Dating Book! My friends at People of the Second Chance are letting me share my own love story and a chance to Get Your Own Love Story. I hope you’ll check it out and record a version of your own “second chance” love story! To view mine, click here.

*Thirdly, my last treats are from two of my Twitter friends:

Michael Robison wrote about my book in Not Another One of Those.

Daniel Darling let me share The 5 Myths of Being Single.

I hope you are encouraged and enjoy reading them!