Don't Just Guard Your Heart

At first, I wanted to name this Triple Threat–like last week. I’d post the 3 links and be done with it. Then I remembered my mom’s email to me.

“Renee, don’t just call it Triple Threat. Where’s the threat? Call it Triple Treat because your writing is such a treat.”

Aww. Mom.

Thank you, but no!

Instead, I am naming it Don’t Just Guard Your Heart because I wanted to let you know of a post I wrote featured on Relevant today entitled Why Guarding Your Heart Isn’t Enough. If you’ve ever had someone throw the phrase around like a punch to the face–I know you’ll appreciate it.

*Next, I wanted to make you aware of a creative way to win a copy of Not Another Dating Book! My friends at People of the Second Chance are letting me share my own love story and a chance to Get Your Own Love Story. I hope you’ll check it out and record a version of your own “second chance” love story! To view mine, click here.

*Thirdly, my last treats are from two of my Twitter friends:

Michael Robison wrote about my book in Not Another One of Those.

Daniel Darling let me share The 5 Myths of Being Single.

I hope you are encouraged and enjoy reading them!

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  • April

    I just read your article on relevant. I really really liked it! Especially like how you said that we cannot let anything cloud our vision of Him and that seeking Him should be our priority. Thanks for the great article!!