Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me Releases Today

Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me

Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me releases today!

I created a new website for Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me. At, you can:

+ Locate bookstores are selling

+ Learn why I wrote the book

+ FREE Extras: Download Chapter 1 for free and a free eBook of all the scriptures on forgiveness from my book.

Also, at, I will soon be releasing Chapter Videos so you can go along with the Discussions Questions at the back of the book. If you’re looking to host a 7-week Bible Study on forgiveness, you will be able to soon!

In my new book you can learn to forgive your past and discover your future.

“I had been writing in my journal every night since my life fell apart. My skin was covered in rashes, the medication had caused me to gain one hundred pounds, I dealt with crippling bouts of anxiety and I lost my first love. I needed healing. God did heal me, in a big way. God came alive as I wrote to him, and it was there in my journal that I found what I was searching for—forgiveness” (Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me).

In Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me, my aim is to reach out with an important message—”there is freedom in Christ from your past hurts, present circumstances and future fears.”

I draw from personal experiences and share real quotes from everyday people alongside stories of Biblical characters including Job, Jonah and Joseph and their journeys to forgiveness.

Providing a three-step process, I offer you, the reader, encouraging words to guide you through the healing process and insight into the most important aspects of forgiveness including:

• Christians are taught to forgive each other, but little emphasis is put on the fact that many of us need to forgive ourselves.

• Forgiveness is a personal process and is always a choice we can make.

• If we choose to not forgive, it not only affects the person we choose not to pardon, but it affects our body, heart and minds.

• Forgiveness matters because of the cross.

I also utilize scripture throughout the book and provides Bible verses with room for the reader to journal and reflect at the end of each chapter. Forgiving Others, Forgiving Meprovides the tools to find freedom from pain to purpose.

Below is my original book cover from 10 years ago. My professional photographer friend Angela McNeil of took pictures to help me recreate that same feeling I had 10 years ago with balloons.

I hope it serves as a reminder to you never to give up on your dreams–even if they take ten years like mine!

Dreams are worth the wait.

“Forgiveness is a personal process, and with God’s help you can overcome” (Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me).

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Help me translate “Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me” into Farsi!

I have the wonderful opportunity to translate “Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me” into Farsi. Once translated, it will be distributed among hundreds of house churches inside Iran. Forgiveness and freedom are two very strategic messages for the fast growing Persian Church.

Farsi Book Project Timeline:
+ Aug., 2013: Raise Funds for the translation project.
+ Sept. & Oct., 2013: Translate “Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me” into Farsi and typeset copy for electronic book format.
+ Nov. & Dec., 2013: Distribute hundreds of copies of the Farsi version of “Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me” on microchips for distribution inside the Persian house church movements.

Tax-Deductible Information:
If possible, by the end of August, please make a special tax deductible gift for the Farsi translation by going to the Antioch Network website. Antioch has been partnering with Persians for the past ten years!

Online Giving:
Click here to give to the Farsi Book Project.

Mail a Check: 
If you would like to mail a donation to Antioch Network for the Farsi Book Project:
+ Make your check payable to: Antioch Network
+ On the memo line: Farsi Book ProjectMail your tax deductible donation to:
Antioch Network
Farsi Book Project
3800 N. Lamar Blvd.
Ste. 730, Box 315
Austin, TX 78756-4011

Thanks for helping me reach the Farsi speaking house churches across the world with the message of the gospel that Jesus is still a God who forgives and sets people free!