Happy Endings Do Exist!

Happy Endings Do Exist! I have been searching for the words to write this blog for over a week now.

The fact is, I have another book coming out. Today in fact. I am so beyond excited, but I am also scared.

Will anyone read it?

Will anyone be blessed?

Will I get to hear the stories of personal transformation?

I remember standing up on stage for my first book release party.

I said something like, this is as good as it gets because I’m probably never getting married so I better enjoy the spotlight now!


I was so fed up when I wrote Not Another Dating Book. I had prayed for more than eleven years for a future husband–who was no where in sight. Minutes after I submitted my manuscript to Harvest House, God brought Marc into my life and shocked us all. Seriously. What a shock.

Not Another Dating Book officially releases today, and I’m a married woman.

What most people don’t know is that I tried writing the ending to my book by saying there are no happy endings. Instead, I was humbled by Marc and thankfully my editor was even more gracious. She let me end the book like this instead.

“Proverbs 16:9 says, ‘We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.’ No matter what ideas I have about my future, the only thing I can count on is being surprised. The Lord promises a ripe future for those who trust in Him. We can’t always know what the future will take us, but we can rest in the assurance that it will be a thousand times better than anything we could plan for ourselves! Here’s one of my favorite promises: ‘And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finished finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns’ (Philippians 1:6)…We don’t need to fear, no matter how confusing and complex our relationship may appear. God knows when, who, and how. Praise God that He is the author of love, the giver of all perfect gifts, and the desire of our hearts. Return to God and rest in Him, waiting on the abundant surprise He has in store for you” [Harvest House, (c) 2012].

I’m SO sorry God, Happy endings DO exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**And now for the shameless plug**

Amazon is selling Not Another Dating Book on the Kindle for only $ 2.99. Please buy yourself a copy…and find your own love story!

Here is a video of me sharing my love story publicly for the first time. I hope you are encouraged.


  • Linda B.

    God is amazing in his faithfulness. So many times I try to figure out what He’s going to do. I’ll think maybe it will be A, B or C… and God always manages to do X… none of the above. His option always turns out to be better than what my plan. That doesn’t mean there isn’t pain and waiting along the way. I love the fact that you are married in time for the release. 🙂 My prayer is that tons of people read it and are touched by it.

  • Donna

    Renee I purchased you book and I was so excited to do so I’m not even sure if I got it during the Kindle discount LOL I better check my account I believe I paid the full price and missed this deal.

    But it’s completely worth it I saw the title over on Boundless and knew I needed to buy and read it ASAP. Some singles/marriage books have been total blessings some I have to get pass the anger they help to build but the more I grow as a believer I’ve come to learn that not everyone has the same story and the way that God directs me, He may not direct another person in the same way but each way being biblical. So I’m typically overjoyed when I come across something that is likely going to speak to me AND mind you speak to me doesn’t always mean it’ll say what I want to hear, but it’ll be just the thing I need to grow in an area.

    I just started but so far it’s a blessing and I’ll be logging off of my computer soon to read again shortly:)

  • Donna

    I actually did pay $2.99 and I now remember doing so I think just knowing I was going to get it because of the title I didn’t pay attention to the sale price!!:)

  • Renee Johnson Fisher

    Thanks Linda, that’s my PRAYER too. If God used this book to transform my life even, I can’t wait to see how He’ll use it in other people’s lives!

    Awesome, Donna. I hope you are ENCOURAGED!!!

  • Kimberly

    Ummm, so yeah…I can’t wait to buy your books. I happened across an article you wrote for RELEVANT Magazine, and I enjoyed it and your style of writing (it reminds me of myself a lot) so much that I had to check out your website. Jackpot! Where have you been my whole life, woman? LOL! I’m kinda going through a “season” right now, not only with being single, but just dealing with my twenties in general. Oy…my twenties, so rocky they are. I’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of your blog, but I can already tell that it will be a great source of encouragement for me. You are awesome, keep it up girly!