Start A Singles Ministry

Today, my post entitled Is Your Church A Safe Place For Singles went live on CATALYST blog. I talk about a favorite church, and how it encouraged me to lead regardless of my relationship status.

Even though I am now married, I am encouraged myself as we try our new churches to find the right one for us.

If you’re a pastor or a small group leader here is a great way to jump start or restart a 20’s ministry at you church. Here’s how…

Singles need a home. Here’s how to start a singles ministry at your church.

Create a welcoming environment.
Young adults are in a state of constant transition. They are searching for a place to belong. Be welcoming and consistent. Build authentic community in a safe place, such as a home, coffee house, or a room at the church–and they will attend.

Will the right leader please step forward?
Your church may not have the financial resources to employ a full-time pastor, but there is still hope! Make sure the leader or leaders understand singles are not looking for another sermon or to be told what to do. They just want someone to listen to them.

Consider asking a pastor on staff, an elder, or lead volunteer to organize a monthly or bi-weekly outing. Then post dates and times on social media or via email.

Give them something to do.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a small church of thirty-five or thirty-five thousand, as long as singles feel there is a place for them at your church, they’ll show up and keep showing up (like it or not)! They need to feel needed. Give them a cause. Churches that invest in their singles see them stick around when they marry and have families of their own.

Encourage, Encourage, Encourage…
Encourage singles that they are not are second-class citizens. Keep an open door when they struggle to find purpose, heal a broken heart, or have a hard time finding a job. Those who are encouraged, encourage others. That is the kind of church environment that creates healthy disciples.


  • Renee Wentzel

    Hi Renee,

    As mentioned in a tweet, I am taking over a very broken singles group from Wednesday of this week.

    I will be working with slightly older singles – divorced, divorced with kids, never been married, widowed etc. The biggest thing I have found amongst these people is loneliness. This is a group of people who have a lot to give but are not sure how to go about taking control of their lives, empowering them to become whole by offering courses specifically to assist with their healing.

    We will also be arranging social get togethers where we will be able to meet up with other singles from other campus’ of the church we belong to.

    So in short, I am taking over a very broken group of ladies, going. to get single men in as well as the problems woman think are unique to their situation are not the unique to them only, men also experience similar challenges.

    There are already a number of healed men and woman who are willing to journey with me to make this happen.

    Please pray that the Lord will send the right people to get involved and make the Solo Ministry a success.