Divas, I couldn’t not share this with you.

This is kind of a #littledivathings post.

I’ve been struggling with my husband’s deployments (yes, he’s been away from us again!) and at night, I’ve been watching Oprah’s OWN Youtube Channel. It’s really inspirational and has a ton of content.

I’ve been doing a lot of running to God, a lot of praying, a lot of listening for the Holy Spirit’s whispers. And there’s been a lot of people in real life that have made a difference for me, too — a breakthrough.

I’m doing better.

Some of my favorites to watch?

Pastor John Gray! Here’s a great video: Joy disarms the broken heart

Dr. Brene Brown! Joy: it’s Terrifying

Pretty much all of the SuperSoul Sunday videos have something to bring to the table!

I hope this can be an encouragement to you today 🙂

PS, there will be no new posts next week.



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How I Plan + Blog Planning

This is my Diva Planner. Isn’t that cat fabulous?

How I Plan + Blog Planning Tips

In today’s lifestyle post, I thought I’d share my current planner set-up with you and some blog planning tips. I thought it might be interesting, since I know there are quite a few planner enthusiasts out there!



I’m currently using an A5 Aqua Patent Domino Filofax and Month on 2 Pages inserts from the Etsy shop DearPlanner. In February, I will be using stickers from the Etsy shop MareBareCrafts — these little dewdrops are a lot smaller than the Martha Stewart comparables but are very similar and actually removable, too.

My system for blog planning is fairly streamlined at this point. I have to have a month on two pages for my editorial calendar. Since Devotional Diva has a lot of guest bloggers, I keep track of those on the side. I also keep track of my ideas for posts there. When they are finalized, I write them down on the sticker. I place the sticker ahead of time (usually at the beginning of the month) on the days I plan to blog.

Now, you may be asking…is the sticker necessary…?

The answer is that stickers are ALWAYS necessary.

Also, I do keep track of other appointments in this planner so it keeps the layout neater.


I choose what kind of sticker or label to use based on what color scheme I want. I used to always use aqua blue, as you can see, those are all gone in the Martha Stewart pages! Now I switch it up month to month.

Here’s my little pouch of planner supplies. It’s actually a makeup bag from Tarte, but I really like it and it’s the perfect

I also use the weekly cleaning sheets from DearPlanner. I’m still trying out how to make them best work for

Also from DearPlanner, here are my daily OR weekly sheets. Some days I do I have enough to fill up a whole page, or I end up using a page for a whole week. Since they are undated, it works for me. Breakfast/lunch/dinner ends up not meaning the same thing, but that’s okay.

My lovely charm on the planner is from Coach – I’ve had it for years and basically always kept it on my planner because it just makes me happy! I was able to find a similar one here.* I also always use colored Filofax paper refills because they, too, just make me happier! I do a lot of journaling in these back sections and also take notes and make lists there (ex: Christmas planning).

*Affiliate Link–Please see my disclosure on the bottom of every page of Devotional Diva in hot pink font, of

My favorite pens and highlighters are the Frixion pens by Pilot and have been for a looooong time. They are erasable — The only truly erasable pens I have encountered.

I hope this little look at my planning system was interesting!



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July #littledivathings

Today, I’d like to share with you some of the #littledivathings I’ve been loving! These are just some of the things that have been especially useful/awesome to me this month.

packing cubes
Are you on the packing cube bandwagon yet? If not, get on it! Here, I have an IKEA family packing cube (pink) and an Eagle Creek packing cube (blue). I like both. I’d have to say that the Eagle Creek brand are better quality, though.
I’ve actually been using the Josie Maran Protect and Perfect Radiance with SPF 47 for awhile, but it’s especially important to have that SPF now that’s summer! When I was in Croatia, I picked up Aqua Marina face wash at the LUSH store in Zagreb…I usually use Angels on Bare Skin and bought this on accident, but I like this too!
My Filofax…This month, I switched from a Me and My Big Ideas Happy Planner to a NEW A5 Aqua Patent Domino! I’m in love!
ollies pick puzzle
O’s Pick: If O could pick something, he would pick this KidKraft wooden bead maze that he received as a birthday gift from his Grandma!
hm dress
This dress is from H&M…I picked it up in Germany because I fell in love with colors. It may actually be a swim cover-up. Oh well, it makes me feel good!
I received a digital copy of Worry-Free Living by Joyce Meyer for review and to select an excerpt…I’ve just been loving it. I really, really have. It’s one of those books that has really rang true for me and come in at just the right moment.



Disclaimer: I received a copy of Worry-Free Living. I tried to find links for things, and some are affiliate links.

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German & French Food Highlights

As I was going through all of my photos from my trips to France and Germany, I noticed I took a lot of photos of what I ate. Like, way too many too include them in the original Devotional Diva posts that I did about the trips. So, I decided to save them and do a post to include my favorite food photos! Hopefully this is at least interesting for all of the foodie Divas.

My first experience of real French crepes!
French wine to go along with the crepes — This was a pretty dry Rose. It was good, and I felt very fancy.
French Carbonara!
In Berlin, we hit up Burger Dealer, home to the best burgers in Berlin!
At the Kieler Woche festival in Kiel, Germany, I stopped for a quick Doppelwaffel and soon got powdered sugar all over myself.
We stayed at an Air BnB in Germany, and our hosts cooked us this awesome meal our first night. It was so delicious!!
True German schnitzel with a beer sauce!
In the foreground of this picture, you can see my husband’s huge steak, baked potato and garlic bread. My plate is in the background, but I got a different steak that was not near as big! Also, Germans are very generous with their sour cream.



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A Rainy Day of #littledivathings

rainy day
rainy italy
The view from my Italian balcony is still spectacular even on a rainy day.
It’s a rainy day, but I have the cutest the owl mouse ever
…and the coziest little workspace on my dining table!
croatia home
A souvenir from Croatia reminding me of what felt like home!
sunny italy
By afternoon, the rain had cleared and our sapphire ocean view had returned!


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