Thankful to Be Thankful

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[Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Bonita Brewington, or @bbprep as she is known on social media. Remember how I said last week’s devotional was more of a why? to gratefulness and this week would be the how? I was so struck that these two submissions (by two different authors) could go together so well! I hope you enjoy, and if you celebrate, happy Thanksgiving!]

Thankfulness has become so “mainstream.” It’s a clique to give thanks — as no one wants to be that person who gets busted for not being thankful!  In a world of surface gratitude and accolades, how can you find your true thankfulness? As a Kings Kid, our level of thankfulness should run well below the surface.  A fleeting thought of what God has done, should unleash a wellspring of indescribable emotions that only He can decipher.

Listen to this-1 Thessalonians 5:18-Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you!

So it’s good to give thanks in all circumstances — in every situation, in every instance, in every success, in every failure, thankfulness is the will; the desire of God, for our lives.  True thankfulness creates a bridge between us and God, through the blood of Jesus Christ.  The bridge allows us to openly communicate with Him, and allows us to hear His responses.

A thankful heart is a Godly heart.  A thankful heart is a forgiving heart.  A thankful heart is a receptive heart.  A thankful heart should be our heart.

But what if my heart doesn’t look like a thankful heart? No problem — that’s the blessing of the cross!  By confessing to God that you’ve messed up, that you’ve tried things your way with unsuccessful results, and that you need Him to take charge of your life, you’re a great candidate for a heart transplant!

He now can remove your current heart and replace it with the one He desires for you to have. We pray in Jesus name, from this day forward, you will live a life of true thankfulness, allowing God to do a good work in you.

Thankful to be Thankful-

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bonitaBonita Brewington is a southern gal who loves Jesus, potatoes, mascara, and any kind of decorative tape!  She spends her days teaching at Grace Prep, a small Christian school she and a good friend co-founded in 2009.  Having a renewed passion to share God’s word, “bbprep” can be found on social media using hashtags such as #Godwins  #planwithHim  #Godovereverything  #faithblogger   #Godgirl  or #Godandglam  When not sharing creative content, Bonita enjoys spending time with her husband Jeff, managing their 21 year old son, and grooming their two teenage daughters!