Two NEW Books

Forgiving Others, Forgiving MeFisher COVER - Loves Me NotAnnouncing Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me book cover and my fourth book, Loves Me Not: Heartbreak & Healing God’s Way.

I can’t believe I’ve been working on Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me for over ten years. It’s been through four re-writes and two publishers, and the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writer’s Guild when I was 19.

I remember when my friend in DTS (discipleship training program), Ericka said,

“God told me to tell you to write your second book on suffering.”

And when my previous publisher contracted it–I thought “thank you God!” When they canceled it, the verse I got was from Isaiah 43:19, which says “See! I am doing a NEW THING.”

Sometimes, like Abraham–God just wants to test your faith.

Do you believe He can do the ONE THING He promised in your life?
Even when He takes it away?
Even when He kills the dream almost immediately after granting it?




I believe SO strong in the message of this book that I seriously cannot wait for you to hold a copy in your hands and be healed from your unforgiveness.

It’s a prison that no man need enter.

As Corrie Ten Boom said, “there is no pit so deep that God’s love is not deeper still.”

Do you believe that?
I know I do because I’ve lived it.

Also, I cannot wait for you to read my very FIRST eBook entitled “Loves Me Not.”

It’s a follow up to Not Another Dating Book, which turns one year old this month. Loves Me Not is specifically for those who have experienced a breakup or heartbreak. I write candidly and share my own sorrow to encourage those who are hurt and broken. It will release mid-May before Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me that releases in July with Harvest House Publishers.