Endorsements for Not Another Dating Book

In just 27 short days, my second book, “Not Another Dating Book” releases nationwide! Here are the endorsements for my book.

I hope you’ll show your support by ordering a copy on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Harvest House for you or someone you know.

Thanks again for coming on this journey with me. I’m so excited!

“We live in a time when our college students don’t give two cents worth of time or attention to the local church. It is more important today than ever before in history to grab the attention of this age group. Its time for the church to wake up and realize the importance of capturing the hearts of our college age/young adults. I really believe that Renee Fisher shares that same vision and heart.” Blake Bergstrom, Nashville Campus Pastor, Cross Point Church, Nashville

What I loved about this book is that is avoids stereotypical dating advice that seems to only work for 2% of the population. This is a book for the average people with the true aspects of the ups, downs of relationships with insights while pursuing God with our lives.  –Dan Kimball,  author They Like Jesus But Not The Church

“If you are confused by what to think about dating, about singleness, about waiting…then Renee will provide you with straight-talking, grace-giving wisdom. Rather than point you just toward your future spouse–Renee points you to the only place of true life–a daily, growing relationship with God.” –Nicole Unice, ministry leader and author of The Divine Pursuit & She’s Got Issues

Not Another Dating Book is just that… not another ‘how to’ book on the mysterious and frustrating but always soul building work of dating. Written in the a devotional format like her first book, Faithbook of Jesus, NADB is written to the side of dating that is vitally important in preparing a person for marriage – one’s character and faith. Renee’s faith, passion, and struggle to be God’s woman now and not later shines through in this book. This book will encourage you, or a single 20 or 30 year old you know, in the dating process in which one’s faith in Christ is an asset and not a liability. Solid, honest, inspirational, and Biblical, this book is a welcomed addition to all those “other” dating books. – Jim Kane, Pastor, First Church of God; Kendallville, Indiana

In Not Another Dating Book, Renee Fisher takes devotionals to the next level!  The daily inspirations are chock-full of golden nuggets and written with transparency, honesty, and integrity.  If you want to grow in your human relationships, read this book.  –Rob Tucker, Pastor of youth and young adults, Living Word Community Church, York, PA.

As someone reaches out to women in their twenties, I truly appreciate Renee Fisher’s passion and candor in Not Another Dating Book. With in the devotions, the reader will not only relate to Renee’s thoughts, but they will also catch the fire of Renee’s passionate faith and rethink how they presently do relationships. In this day and age, it is tough to find raw and relevant books on godly relationships and Not Another Dating Book by Renee Johnson will not disappoint. I plan on recommending it to all the 20-something women I work with. –Sarah Martin, blogger at www.liveitoutblog.com & author of Stress Point: Thriving Through Your Twenties in a Decade of Drama

Sharing her victories and struggles via social media networks has made Renee a courageous and trusted voice for the twenty-somethings generation. A faithful servant and inspirational leader, Renee’s journey points to God at every stage and encourages her peers to do the same. She continues that journey by addressing the issue of dating as only she can: speaking directly to young adults where they are, in language they understand, dealing with the issues that matter to create a book that will encourage no matter what your relationship status.- Suzanne Physick, blogger

Not Another Dating Book is a refreshing look at dating from someone who is intently putting God first in her life . This is a blessing for singles who are serious about knowing Gods will for their dating life and the kind of book I wish was around when I was “Lookin for Love” in all the wrong places! –Kerri Pomarolli, Comedian Actress Author” Guys Like Girls Named Jennie?” and ” How to Ruin Your Dating Life”

“Like a best friend, Renee Fisher takes single Christian women by the hand and sits down beside them in Not Another Dating Book. Just as the title suggests, this devotional is so much more than a dating book. Renee challenges women to fall in love with God first and above all else so when a man comes along who is truly worthy of her heart, she’ll know it. With thought provoking questions and the truth of God’s word, Not Another Dating Book should be on the nightstand of single Christian women everywhere who long for the love of their life. Which I believe is just about every one of us.” – Crystal Renaud, Author, Dirty Girls Come Clean

“Wow! A book about relationships that I don’t want to laugh at or automatically throw out my window! This book won’t tell you what you should and shouldn’t do. Rather it validates all the things we already feel and deal with in the world of dating, and encourages us along the way.” –Christy Polek is a twenty-something California girl currently trying to figure out love, life, and faith in the big city of Chicago. She shares the way she sees the world at ChristyPolek.com

Not Another Dating Book is a refreshing look at the complicated dating process. Packaged in an easy to read devotional format, it offers you one dating related thought to focus on each day. I love how Renee Fisher is constantly pointing everything back to God and how our relationship with Him is always uncomplicated. I wish I’d had this book when I was still single. It would have saved me a lot of heartache.” –Shannon Primicerio, author of ten books including The Divine Dance

“For those of us deep in the dating world, we know it’s important to be in God’s word on a daily basis. This book is a good tool to lead you in that process.  In the end you’ll be closer to the Lord and just might find the man or woman of your dreams.” –Megan Carson, Author, A Year of Blind Dates

“Renee Fisher truly is a devotional master. Her authentic and practical writing style disarms the preconceptions you came with and you quickly find yourself laughing, sometimes wincing, and somehow unexpectedly engaging God in the process.  It is a worthy read to help navigate that complicated arena of relationships. If you are tired platitudes and prescriptive “how to”s you will love this charming, engaging, and encouraging read that will help you navigate that complicated arena of relationships.” –Michael Forney, Associate Pastor Gateway Church, Poulsbo, WA

Renee Fisher has crafted a unique devotional that tackles core life issues rarely discussed from a biblical worldview. This is much-needed guidance for navigating the ever-confusing world of dating—and an excellent pass-along resource for churches truly wanting to come alongside teenage girls and women of all ages. –Lindy Lowry, editor of Outreach magazine

“You’ll find charm and honesty, stories that will make you laugh out loud and some that might make you cry. You’ll find an author who doesn’t pull punches about the complicated intersections between romance and faith. And you’ll find a message rooted in Scripture from beginning to end. If you want to know what the Bible says about relationships and what that means for you—dating or not—this book is a fantastic place to start.” –Lisa Velthouse, Speaker and author of Saving My First Kiss and Craving Grace

“Renee brings back memories, asks the questions we all have, and directs us to draw closer to God in this book. She reminds us of the desire to love and build relationships in a godly and holy manner and helps us to laugh at the awful dating moments we’ve all experienced.” –Chelsea Curley, blogger at http://kugirl84.wordpress.com

Renee Fisher’s Not Another Dating Book is an amalgam of proverbial wisdom and personal transparency. Diving in to this book is to dive it to an ocean where the water is so clear you can see the bottom of the earth’s floor. You will not have to guess where she stands. You will not misunderstanding God’s commands. If you are single, you need this book!  –Tim Ross, Speaker, Evangelist http://www.timross.org

“If you’re single and not interested in another dating book written for Christian virgins with no dating experience you need to read this book. It’s real, it’s relevant, it’s fresh and it speaks the truth to a deceived generation.” –Pete Wilson, Pastor, Author of Plan B

Not Another Dating Book has ample supply of solid advice for anyone trying to navigate the complicated (but wonderful) world of relationships. With an easy-to-read, topical structure, Fisher offers biblical wisdom and practical advice on dozens of topics like online dating, sexual temptation, purity, and the meaning of Christianese phrases like “unequally yoked.” A fun and helpful read! –Brett McCracken, Author of Hipster Christianity: When Church & Cool Collide

You can count on Renee Fisher’s devotionals to be straightforward, honest, and unvarnished. She’ll make you smile, ponder, and maybe even cringe a time or two as you reflect on what God’s Word has to say about your spiritual identity, relationships, and journey towards becoming like Christ. –Larry Osborne, Pastor, North Coast Church

Honest, on-target, and fun, Renee Fisher has given us the gift of a book that is about a whole lot more than dating. Guided by the wisdom of being immersed in the scriptures for years, she asks the tough questions and digs into the issues we deal with while single, dating, or married. –Ed Cyzewski, author of Coffeehouse Theology: Reflecting on God in Everyday Life

Renee Fisher has done what she does best – take the experiences of today’s generation, blend in a healthy dose of scripture, a cup of common sense, a measure of prayer, and a sprinkle of creativity to produce a devotional that is full of nutrition and substance. As a father of three teenagers, I’m glad she has written this book! –Chad Estes – pastor, blogger, and dad

“The idea that our relationship with God is independent from our relationships with others is false and dangerous.  God calls each of us to honor him in every facet of life, including how we embrace our identity in Christ and its’ impact on our relationships.  Not Another Dating Book is a helpful resource in your efforts to gain understanding and wisdom towards these matters.” – Jason Hayes, Author, Speaker, National Young Adult Ministry Specialist, LifeWay Christian Resources

Renee is right; this is not another dating book.With humor and transparency, Renee invites you to take the masks off, put the cliches aside and engage deeply and honestly about the highs and lows of the dating game.Take her up on the offer. This study will teach you how to pour out your heart’s dreams and heartaches  before God, and to allow Him by his Word to pour into you. –Jo Saxton,

“I have seen lots of dating books make it on the scene, the books with the “how-to’s” and and the formulas. This is not a “how-to” or a formula, this book is real life! It is filled with God’s perspective on our lives, our relationships and most importantly, our hearts! You’ll laugh, you’ll be encouraged and best of all you’ll be challenged. This is an opportunity to grow and see your life change!” –Michael Robison, Lead Pastor of Grace Church

I know Renee, and she cares about people! If you want to protect your heart from a whole lot of hurt, this book is a must read. Better yet, if you want God to do an amazing work in YOU, so ALL your relationships function at their ultimate best- you will love the advice Renee leads you to discover. If you want to laugh out loud and feel better about one of your dates that might have gone wrong, Renee’s humor will help you smile again.  The best part of Not Another Dating Book is you will become the kind of person people love to be around. –Pam Farrel, relationship expert, author of over 35 books including best selling, Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti, Single Men Are Like Waffles, Single Women Are Like Spaghetti, and 10 Best Decisions a Single Can Make.  

“Not Another Dating Book” is immediately arresting to every man and woman that reads it because at some level, we can all relate. I want a copy for each of my kids and if you don’t have kids yet, buy extra copies for when you do! This is not another dating book, it’s one of God’s tools to healthy relationships with boundaries. – Mike Esparza, Radio Talk Show Host, San Diego, CA

“I love how Renee takes us on a new journey over a well traveled topic. Her writing is real…She writes for her own generation. Her writing will cause you to reflect on your dating travels and God’s road map. At times, her writing is  raw. She shares from the heart what it means to be a Christian and to learn to date, to have a DTR with Christ at the center, and at times to break-up. I appreciate Renee because she describes the dating struggles that many of us experience while helping us to discover God’s truth and guidance for ourselves.”  –Pastor Chico Goff, Founding Pastor, Mission Hills Church, San Marcos, Ca

“It is really difficult to be single and Christian. ‘Not Another Dating Book’ is a gentle guide through many scenarios that even the boldest Christian would be nervous to discuss. The pages are filled with humor, love, and a chance to sort out some things in your heart.  I’m left feeling renewed and hopeful that through Christ’s timing, the awkwardness of dating will give way to a life-long partnership that brings glory to God.” –Morgan MacGavin, a 20-something who lives in Nashville and blogs at http://www.reflectinghearts.com

“Renee brings a honesty to the topic of relationships that I found both rare and endearing. She has a passion to put God first in her life spiritually and relationally in a way that makes sense. And she communicates all of it with humor and heart. This is a great resource for anyone navigating relationships in the real world.” – Jud Wilhite, author of Torn, Sr. pastor of Central Christian Church, Las Vegas

Wow! If you are dating right now or waiting on that person to show up in your life. You need to read this book. This is one of those books that I wish I would have had when I was looking for my wife. I believe the truth in this book can help people date the way God intended us to date. It’s more then a good read. It will help you make a lifestyle out of serving the opposite sex and preparing for your mate. –Ketric Newell, Youth Pastor, Crosspoint.tv, Author of Liar, Liar Mullet On Fire

“I loved this book. Renee brings a freshness and openness to the topic of dating without holding anything back. Her passion for God and life experiences are relatable and contagious. My suggestion? Chew on this book slowly and let God speak to you through every page.” – Mark Sorensen, Director of Contemporary Worship and College and Young Adult Ministries, First United Methodist Chuch, Shreveport, LA

Renee meets us where we’re at, offering encouragement and humor in the common struggles singles face, while continually challenging us to practically apply God’s truth in our lives and keep our focus on Jesus. –Franny Huck, Discipleship Pastor at The Salvation Army Kroc Church in San Diego, CA

Renee Fisher is passionate about twenty-somethings, their issues and their ability to sift through those issues with faith. Not Another Dating Book is a daily devotional that weaves through fears about singledom and the journey to feel good about yourself even when you’re not dating. She doesn’t avoid issues that often get glossed over in the Christian dating conversation, such as conservative pressure not to date and how to date if you’re not the virgin the Christian dating empire expects you to be. If you’re looking for a Bible-based daily devotional and workbook on this subject, this is uniquely for you. –Sarah Cunningham, author of Dear Church and Picking Dandelions

“Not Another Dating Book” raises the bar!  Renee Fisher writes freshly and honestly as she biblically caulks the cracks in the often complicated arena of relationships. Her transparent approach and careful exploration of relational struggles, consistently point her readers to God and His wisdom for direction and truth. As a father of three, single daughters, I highly recommend Renee’s acutely profound, God-centered work.  The author’s meticulous effort warrants a congratulatory nod.  This is a first-rate book on doing relationships that doesn’t shy away from the tough questions.  Put “This Is Not a Dating Book” on your must-read list! –Lonnie Smith, Senior Director of Church Partnerships, RightNow Ministries and Bluefish TV

On behalf of Singles everywhere, thank you Renee Fisher for listening to us, acknowledging our struggles, our desires, and our stories and matching them up with the wisdom God offers so tenderly and generously. This is most definitely a book that I will resource time and time again. –Julia Kate Swodeck, Writer at www.Titherofinnovation.com and Agitator for Reform

“A generation of young people has blurred the lines of healthy relationships, author Renee Fisher wants to help you sort out your confusion. Penned from her own personal journey, Fisher will challenge you with questions that clarify what it means to be in growing relationship with others and more importantly with God. ” –Benji Zimmerman, blogger & reviewer at http://Benji.Zimmer.mn

Renee has a way of making it fun to learn about godly wisdom when it comes to dating and relationships. The way she uses scripture to breathe life into dating relationships makes you want to love God wholeheartedly and really trust Him with your singleness. –Lindsey N. Isham, National Speaker and Author of the book, No Sex in the City – One Virgin’s Confessions of Love, Lust, Dating, and Waiting

We all search for the perfect relationship, but do we ask the right questions? Renee brilliantly gives the reader the opportunity to do just that and in the process reminds us to always put God first. –Mike Foster, People of the Second Chance, Author of Gracenomics