My Scarlet Letter

my scarlet letter

[Guest Post by Kathy Moore – I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Kathy for a few years, and now that we live close to each other she’s become a close friend. I hope you’ll love her redemption from divorce story as much as I’ve enjoyed watching it in real life!]

Let’s get real—It’s been an intense three years. It seems that hit (sometimes literally) after hit keep coming.

Thankfully it hasn’t been constant and there have been more figurative hits than literal, but the fact remains, it’s been a tough three years since my husband and I got divorced. This is just a fact, nothing more. I have crumbled a lot. I have also risen to heights that make Everest look puny (no disrespect).

I have come full circle and I wear a Scarlet Letter to prove it.

There have been times when I have doubled over in laughter as I have heard of different Scarlet Letters that have been assigned to me by “Christians” and those whom I thought were my friends.

Here’s a great one: A. We all know what that one means and WOW! It sure would be nice to remember when that happened and with whom. Amazing how God Redeems the Righteous by life circumstances where the boldface lie is so beautifully defaced–it kind of makes those who believed the lie squirm a bit.

Here’s another one: C for Crazy. I will claim that one. I even have the paperwork from a Psychiatrist to prove it–due to the Extreme Circumstances I found myself in for 15 years. I’m fine with wearing that letter, especially since it’s a lowercase “c” that was taken care of when the circumstances changed and my whole health picture changed from caged to free.

And this one: B for Backslider. Yep, I am a backslider from a place (places) that kept me chained and beaten down. I upslid to a place where His freedom reigns. Where the Holy Spirit’s power is allowed to flow and Christ’s power is encouraged in the lives of His kids.

“The majority of my most challenging relationships were with those inside the church. I wish it weren’t true, but my most pain-inducing, heartbreaking, gut-wrenching relationship struggles have been with others who claim the Name of Christ just as I do” (Shelley Hendrix).


Yet true.

Shelley and I aren’t the only walking wounded from “friendly” fire.

I would say that most of America has been hurt in one form or another from those inside the church.

Do not misunderstand me, I’m not mad, I’m honest and I have the scarlet letter to prove it. You see, my letter is “R” and it has two meanings. Through my trial I have shed light and truth on things shoved under the carpet. I haven’t done it perfectly, but I’ve done it, in a Righteous manner. And through the honesty, I have been Redeemed.

Yet, many don’t want to see the truth or accept the redemption.

That’s on them.

My job is to do what Shelley Hendrix says–to live at peace.

“If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone” (Romans 12:18).

I’m not to live with my mouth closed. I’m not to live caged. I’m not to live clipped—that’s not peace.

On the flip side, I’m not to spread gossip, believe rumors, and use others to fight my battles. That is also not peace. I am to live at peace As Far As It Depends On Me.

And so, I will proudly wear my scarlet R because I know that God’s got my back, I’ve been redeemed, and it’s been done righteously.

Kathy MooreI am Kathy Moore, a daughter of Jesus and mom to three. Writing is my passion and encouraging others towards a deeper, more authentic relationship with Jesus is my goal. I’m funny, serious, a bit weird at times, but overall a fun person to hang out with. I’ve been through a lot–just like the rest of humanity and try to use my “a lot” to help others.

[Photo: Leo Reynolds, Creative Commons]