Quarter Life Conference


“You want whom to come speak at your church, and you’re willing to pay how much to get this person there?”

Each time the phone would ring I knew exactly who they were asking for and why.

My only problem?

Said Christian celebrity wouldn’t speak for less than a certain amount and a certain-sized church.

I didn’t have the heart to tell Mr. Small Town Pastor he couldn’t afford said celebrity Christian to come speak at his church.

No matter how touching a story–and there’s always a story–churches across America are looking for ways to reach out to their community. I know this because I booked 300+ events at churches, faith based institutions, and ministries nationwide.

But I have news for you.

Not one of the events I booked over a two-year span included 20-somethings.


My friends Darrell Allison Vesterfelt of Prodigal Magazine and myself would like to introduce Quarter Life Conference.

We are a FREE online conference for 20 & 30-somethings. Where you can get a chance to grab some face-time with some influential thinkers.

Each quarter we will introduce a new topic including relationships, the church, career, and social justice paired with high quality speakers and sponsors.

On March 21, we kick off our first topic of Relationships with guest speakers Dr. Gary Chapman, Bill & Pam Farrel, and more. Click HERE for more information or visit us at http://quarterlifeconference.


Also new this month! I’m so excited to announce a new feature I’ve added on the right-hand side of my website.

Picture_4The first are the monthly themes for January through July when Forgiving Others Forgiving Me releases with Harvest House Publishers.

If you would like to guest blog for March-July, please email me (renee at devotionaldiva dot com) and let me know. Posts should be no longer than 700 words and include a 3-4 sentence bio, and a picture of yourself to share.

March – On Living Together

April – On Pursuing Dreams

May – On Broken Relationships & Breakups

June & July – On Forgiveness 

Starting this month, I am also excited to announce monthly columnists on my blog.

Picture_3After hosting SEVENTY-EIGHT, yes 78 guest bloggers since April of 2011–I decided it was time to add a few monthly columnists on the topics of daily devotionals, relationships, health & body, and events.

Please welcome Wendy van Eyck of ilovedevotionals.com, Rebekah Snyder of beyondwaiting.com and Jaimie Bowman of jaimiebowman.com.

febFebruary’s theme is Coping with Anxiety and Depression, and during the week of Valentine’s I will host five guest bloggers on The Gray Areas of Dating.

I have always struggled with anxiety, and I look forward to finally coming clean and talking about it with other guest bloggers who are brave enough to share along with me. I hope you’ll join and find the freedom and healing you need. Or maybe just the realization that you’re not the only one will encourage you to keep fighting and thriving!