6 Month Wedding Anniversary

My 6 month wedding anniversary has taught me so much.

Because I love celebrating both small and large milestones–here are six lessons learned from the first six months (Oct. 15-Apr. 15)!

1. Insecurities Magnified. When I was saangle (really single) I thought it was my fault. I’m so glad for those years now that God spent teaching me how to replace the lies with truth because now that I’m married, my insecurities are only magnified.

2. Serving/Submitting to Marc is my joy. At first, I was so excited and grateful to serve Marc because God answered my 12-year-10-month-24-day-prayer. I now believe it’s because of prayer, God’s help, and understanding–that my husband is my most important ministry. I cherish the opportunity to serve him.

3. God has blessed me for being Marc’s wife. I gladly accept my new role. I have seen God actually bless me more for doing less because I put God first, my husband, and then everyone else–it’s wild!

4. My devotional times have changed. I used to spend time with God at the first and last part of my day. Now, I spend that time with my husband. Through the process of rearranging my time with Him–God has spoken to me in new and fresh ways.

5. Two becoming one. I used to read many books, including one I wrote about anticipating a marriage someday. All this goes out the window when you get married. Experience trumps knowledge. It’s way better and harder than I thought it would be!

6. God likes to show off. It’s not a coincidence that I married Marc before Not Another Dating Book, released. Every time I share my story I get to share how God did a miracle in my life through Marc. I think God likes it too!

To God be the glory.