reunited military family

Due to a deployment, my husband was separated from me and my son for four months. We just recently reunited in the States (where my son and I were). To be honest, becoming a family unit once again is an adjustment. We just traveled back to Europe, too, and are whooped (a full day of flying + 11 hours of driving to get to our final destination).

Vienna, Austria — Diva Travel

Devotional Diva

I’m finally settled and ready to share about my my recent travels! If you follow the Devotional Diva IG, @Devotional_Diva, you’ll know I’m now visiting family back in the states (again). It’s been a lot of traveling! But before that, while I was still overseas with my husband, we took a long weekend to celebrate […]

Spring Break

Hey Divas, I’m going to be doing a lot of traveling, so I decided to put Devotional Diva on a spring break! I think this will be just for a couple weeks. Hopefully some of you will be doing some traveling of your own around this time, too 🙂 You can still keep up with […]

Samobor Carnival

Samobor Carnival The town of Samobor in Croatia is one of the best places in Croatia to celebrate carnival, so we went to Samobor Carnival to check it out this weekend! Every year, the town is taken over by Prince Fasnik and turned into the Free Republic of Fasnik for ten days of revelry. At […]